Chat With new Husker, QB, Joe Dailey

We've been lucky enough to have some great chats with former players like Damon Benning and even a current coach in Boyd Epley. Well, this time, it's a Husker yet to step on the field as Joe Dailey stopped in the chat room and answered some questions from the die-hards, looking to stay, "in the know". Check out what Joe had to say in this our latest chat with a Husker.

As always, the future of the Huskers hinges to the success in recruiting and seldom has the hope been so high on an in-coming class as the one coming in this year. Amongst this group of standouts, NU's lone QB commit, Joe Dailey exists as a multi-dimensional weapon that already has people dying to see. Well, people are dying to hear or in this case, read just what is on his mind and recently, he joined us for a chat, so we could do just that. The questions to Joe will be in RED background while his answers will be in white and we thank Joe for taking the time to stop by and let us know what's going on before he steps on campus.

What are your workouts like nowadays?

They're pretty slow, I just had to get some work done on my shoulder, but my leg workouts are pretty intense.

What's going on with you shoulder?

Nothing major, just had to remove some scar tissue

What number do you plan to wear?

I plan to wear 12.

Are you are coming down for the Spring game this year?

I am making plans to.

I think I can speak for most in that, everyone wants to know just how much of a chance do you think you can have with this new scheme to actually get out there your first year. Are you seriously trying to get in there right out of the gate?

Well they've given me pretty much a great deal of the play book and prior to coming here to the chat, I was actually going over the last set of plays that were sent out to me last week. I'm pretty much in the same boat as them, other than the fact that I am not participating in spring drills.

I remember talking to you and you saying that it's more like what you ran in high school, just the terminology is a lot different. Have you found yourself comprehending that better now or is it still like a whole other language?

Oh yeah, I mean it's pretty much the same thing.

Did you have any dialogue with J. Lord yet? If so, did your schools play each other?

Yeah, our schools played each other, when I was out there we got on each other a little bit about it. I attended school in Jersey City, but I live in a town in central Jersey.

You ever play on field turf, Joe?

Yeah, I've played on field turf

What scheme did you guys mainly run in high school?

Multiple I

What will the majority of Coach Cotton's formations be run out of? Can you tell us that?

I haven't the slightest clue, I know that the offense is from what I know, seems pretty productive. Just look at last years stats from this past team.

Have you seen any video from that team yet?

Nah, everything has been pretty much chalk talk

Have you found yourself trying to find something specific to work on while you are waiting to get on campus?

I mean the one big thing that everyone says is important is speed, so I try to incorporate speed drills along with agility to put the whole package together.

What kind of rehab time you looking at for the shoulder?

Nothing major, a few weeks.

Are You going to be a hundred percent by summer then?


When are you heading to Lincoln to stay?

Early June.

If you can't wear #12, what # would you want?

I can perform in any number, but I prefer number 12.

Only reason I ask, Ronnie Smith apparently is wearing #12 this spring, but maybe you guys can work something out.

Whoever sees the field should wear the number. That's just where I want to be.

After the season NU had, everyone says that nobody should get their hopes up about this year with all the new coaches. You agree with that or what do you think considering what you know right now?

From my understanding all great teams have down seasons, they reload and rebuild and I believe that is what's happening here.

What's it REALLY feel like to be part of one of the greatest football programs in the country...........kinda like Cloud 9?

You know it hasn't even hit me yet.

Joe, ideal size. What do you want to be at?


How far off are you right now?


Do you think there's anything special about an NU QB that is different from your average QB at other schools?

They expect you to run someone over, not out of bounds.

With the size of defensive players, you think that's a safe philosophy over four years or even three?

The way I look at it is, I am going to dance like James Brown before I let any of those guys hit me.

How would you rate your arm strength?

I think I'll have the strongest arm once I get on campus.

Is there anything you are worried about, about playing at NU?

No, not at all.

Did you ever consider graduating early so you could participate in spring ball?

Nah, never gave it much thought.

What made you choose Nebraska?

It will allow me to become the best football player I can be.

About your arm it like Brett Favre's??

I can't compare myself to any other player, all I know is that I believe in my arm strength

Jammal Lord is said to be the starter and it's his job to lose. Do you go in to this year even with the attitude as it's also his job for you to take?

I go into the season with the mentality that the best man will see the field come Saturday.

Ok, simple question about arm strength. Throw to landing, how far is your longest throw, practice or otherwise?

75 yards.

What's your take on Cotton as the new OC?

He's an awesome guy as far as I'm concerned, he wouldn't be there if he wasn't worthy of his title.

Have you had time to set down and make any individual goals for your freshman year yet, joe?

I haven't stepped on campus yet until then, no.

Normally, at least at NU, the QB/WR relationship hasn't always been that big of a deal, at least off the field. Are you interested in really getting to know those guys you will be chucking it to over the up-coming seasons? Is that important to do that?

Well, the way I see it is that on the football field the unit has to be one. You have to trust that the guy next to you is going to do his job and in order to develop that trust you have to have a relationship with him, so yes.

Do you think of yourself as a "Verbal" leader or someone who leads by his actions on the field?


You are going to be at Nebraska, a place where the entire state lives off of what the football team does. Do you look forward to that kind of publicity that always ends up in the QBs lap?

Yeah man of course.

If you were leading the Huskers to a victory in Lincoln, who would be the team you'd most like it to be against?

The second best team to us.

Who was your host during your visit at NU?


Anyone told you anything about rivalries that NU has or teams they like to beat the hell out of?

Nah, I haven't gotten a chance to actually sit down and talk to anyone about it.

Are you looking forward to having Big Smooth cover your blind side?

I'm looking forward to all those big dudes.

Have you been in contact with many of the players this spring?


Enjoy finishing your last bit of High School?

Yeah man, but there's not much to enjoy, it is an all boys school.

Alright dude, I got to leave at six in the morning for school, so I'll catch you guys later.

Joe, thanks a ton for coming by

And we do want to once again thank Joe for coming by as I know that any chance to get closer to what's going on, on the inside of the program and these player's heads isn't just fun, it's a privilege. Thanks to everyone for showing up and we'll see you next time around.

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