Junior OL getting Nebraska attention

The name Jeremy Ward wouldn't have resonated off of many of the mouths when asked about the top junior talent in Arkansas before this season. Coach Bryan Rust explains that Rust has grown, a lot, basically since he was in the 9th grade. What Ward is now is an outstanding offensive line prospect with his best days of playing football in front of him.

Jeremy Ward is a player that 2012 "recruitniks" need to remember. The 6-foot-4 and 275-pound Ward is part of an emerging program at Pottsville (Ark.).

"We ended the season 9-4 and made it to the quarterfinals," Head Coach Bryan Rust said. "We had a good year. This school has only been here for eight years and I have been here for four of them so we are still building a program."

Ward is a special player according to Coach Rust. Rust says that in his time of playing the game or coaching it that he hasn't seen a player yet like Ward. He also added that there is nothing off the field to be concerned about with Ward either.

"Jeremy is a special player. In the 12 total years that I have been coaching and after having played at a small, successful college I've never been around another offensive lineman like him.

"Jeremy is just great at putting his hand in the dirt and coming forward. He really fires off of the ball. You don't find a guy with his athleticism and his size very often. He is a special combination of size and athleticism.

"With Jeremy there are no character issues. He has good grades and also has a good work ethic. He really is a good kid; a cool kid. He's just a really likeable individual."

Ward was in Lincoln for the Nebraska/Missouri game and the attention is really turning up for Ward from Nebraska. Ward still doesn't have any offers, but Coach Rust knows that those offers will be coming sooner or later.

"I got something from Nebraska yesterday requesting film and information about Jeremy. There hasn't been an official offer extended by anyone yet, but we think that those are coming.

"I know that Arkansas, Alabama, Auburn and Nebraska are all looking at him. There are others as well that are looking, but those are some that I remember. I know that Nebraska will be here in January to see him. He will be getting offers."

Some people might find it a little strange that someone they should remember for next year doesn't have any offers yet, but there's a reason. Ward has really done some growing the past couple years and people are just finding out how big he's actually gotten.

"As a 9th grader it was really Jeremy's first chance to play football. As a sophomore he really came along. We started to see his potential in those last two weeks of the season that year. He was probably 220-pounds at the end of the year.

"That's when Jeremy just started growing. He grew probably two inches and added about 50 pounds to his frame I would say. The interest isn't there because people didn't know about him growing."

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