Players of the Game

Check out our biggest impact players from the Big 12 title game as the Huskers lose a heart breaker to the Oklahoma Sooners. The game didn't go the way the Huskers wanted, but there were still some game performers. We take a look at our three players of the game.


Rex Burkhead - They don't call him "Superman" for nothing. Despite the lost handle on the errant snap in the game, Burkhead managed to be the biggest cog in an offense that when it wasn't killing itself with turnovers, wasn't doing all that bad, especially with Burkhead out of the Wildcat. Carrying the ball Burkhead notched 92 yards, but averaged over five yards per carry. Six of those carries resulted in first downs. And look at one of the most important series of the game, Nebraska down by three with just over six minutes left in the contest. On 1st and 10, out of the Wildcat, Burkhead carries the ball nine yards. On 2nd and 1, Burkhead again out of the Wildcat, this rush going for six yards and a first down. Then it was Burkhead again, this going for two yards, bringing up 2nd and eight. But inexplicably, Offensive Coordinator Shawn Watson calls a deep pass from Burkhead to Martinez, which was fairly well thrown, but into double coverage. That miscue resulted in third and long at the OU 39-yard line, which resulted in Martinez taking a sack and turning a potential field goal opportunity into a punt. Burkhead did his job the entire game outside of that fumble. And let's not forget that he had one pass earlier which went for a touchdown, his third touchdown throw in four attempts this year. But he's not the quarterback, and shouldn't have been expected to make the kind of throw that only quarterbacks should have to make. This young man will never ever take credit for what he does. That's good, because he does everything. He may not say it, but we can see it. It's just too bad there wasn't enough faith in him to keep driving the ball when it looked like it was working.


Jared Crick - Lavonte David had the numbers, but Crick was a force inside. He was even prompting some Suh references by the announcers of the game. His clutch sack at the tail end of the game was just one of the plays that stood out. But it was the daily grind inside, opening up lanes for David, sealing up passing lanes against Landry Jones - the numbers may not have been there, but he was. He was there all game long. Baylor last year will be the game everyone looks at as his coming out party. But once again, a defensive tackle for the Huskers has a great game on a national stage. No, it wasn't quite to the level of big Suh. But let's face it, Suh is already a legend. However, Crick is pretty darn good. He proved it in this game.

Special Teams

Alex Henery - Who else? Seriously, who else could it ever be? All you have to do is give this kid a chance. He had one toward the end of the game that was ultimately wiped away by Taylor Martinez taking his seventh sack of the game. Brent Musberger said that Henery was the best kicker he had ever seen. That is saying something when you consider Musburger was calling the game when leather helmets were still in style. OK, not quite that long, but close. He's one of the biggest weapons the Huskers have ever known, and as he has been his entire career, he came in and did what he needed to do, and in some pretty big situations. But none of them are big to him. He's Alex Henery. After the bowl game they need to dedicate something to him. I don't know what it is, but if there was ever a kicker who deserved to have his jersey retired, it's this kid. In his own way, he's been just as good as any other player in Husker history.

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