Top JR WR visits Lincoln

Nebraska is trying to close out a successful 2010 season and 2011 recruiting class, but it's not too early to be thinking about 2012 graduates either. The Huskers were hosting a couple this past weekend and one of them is going to be a serious need position on offense for 2012. It was just a two hour trip for this receiver to see Nebraska for the second time.

The Nebraska staff has been busy trying to sew up the rest of a very good 2011 recruiting class, but the Huskers are also laying the groundwork for 2012. A top wide receiver for the 2012 class, Amara Darboh was in Lincoln this past weekend.

"I was up in Lincoln this past weekend," Darboh said. "I was up there for a game and it was a great experience. The crowd was great and I got a chance to meet some of the coaches, see the locker room and it was nice."

Darboh doesn't have a long trip to make it to Lincoln. It's just a few hours from West Des Moines (Iowa) Dowling Catholic to get there. He was able to get in Friday morning after basketball that morning.

"We drove up that morning because we had basketball pictures earlier in the morning and we just took off after that. We weren't able to do a whole lot before the game. We got there when people were eating and then went out on the field to see players to warm up."

Driving in that morning did deprive him of some of the pre-game activities, still he was able to get out on the field while the players were warming up and had a chance to take part in the tunnel walk.

"I was able to go through the tunnel walk before the players. It was great. The fans are along the side and they are sticking their hands out. There were kids down there and they were really into football. It was great walking through the tunnel."

The offensive game plan for Nebraska has varied week to week based on the availability and health of the quarterbacks it seems. The offensive game plan was a little tough for Darboh to see himself part of, but he knows about the circumstances.

"I wasn't sure what they wanted to do. I know that they have some health issues at quarterback and I did think that they distributed the ball pretty well. I am sure if I worked hard they would find a way to get me the ball."

Darboh kind of has that Niles Paul size right now. He's big like a linebacker, but really runs like a receiver does. Darboh uses his size on the football field to make plays.

"I think that I am aggressive to the ball and once I get the ball I can make plays. I am also a bigger receiver. I am 6-foot-2 and about 210-pounds so I try to get yards after the catch."

Darboh is looking for some specific things when it comes to picking out a school. He is going to be looking for an offense that suits his talents and he also wants to find a coaching staff that he shares a bond with.

"I really want to find a great college program. I need to also find a school that has an offensive system that I am comfortable with. I want to share a bond with the coaches. I also want to go to a place where I am comfortable where I can benefit the most."

There is another factor that exists for Darboh, but it's not as important as the previous list. He would like to stay within a comfortable distance from home so family could come and see him play on Saturdays.

"It's not a big factor, but it's there. I am used to playing AAU basketball and we travel a little bit during the summer. As long as my family can come and see me play it's alright; in driving range. I live about two hours from Lincoln or so."

While in Lincoln there weren't any discussions about an offer, but Darboh did have a chance to talk to the Nebraska head coach. There isn't an offer on the table yet, but it sounds like one could come any day.

"I spoke to Coach Bo Pelini. I ran into him in the dinner room and he told me that they were very interested in me. They said that they can't really offer right now, but he feels strongly about me and they are going to keep recruiting me."

Darboh is already sitting on four offers, but out of those four offers and other interest like that from Nebraska he doesn't have any favorites. Darboh wants to keep his options open and just learn more about the schools for right now.

"I have offers from Iowa State, Iowa, Wisconsin and Notre Dame so far. I don't really have a favorite yet. I am trying to keep my options open and try to learn more about the schools."

Besides the unofficial visit to Nebraska there really isn't anything else planned for Darboh at the moment. He knows that he will go to some Junior Days and hit some camps, but doubts that he will do any combines. He thinks that he will camp again at Nebraska this summer.

"I haven't really thought about any camps. I don't think that I am going to do any combines this summer or anytime. I will schedule some camps and some junior days. Nebraska is a place I will consider camping at again.

"I want to talk to Coach Ted Gilmore to see what they want me to do. I was there last summer and I was going through a lot of routes and they were recording us. It was a three day camp, but they pulled me and two other guys aside to do some extra work."


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