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The Huskers are casting a wide net looking for the top linebackers in the 2012 class already. The Huskers have already landed one of the best in Michael Rose, but it looks like Nebraska will at least grab two linebackers next year. This linebacker was in Lincoln for the Colorado game and while he isn't holding an offer from Nebraska he is hopeful he will get one.

It was a busy Turkey Day for Vince Biegel and his family. The standout linebacker from Wisconsin Rapids (Wisc.) Lincoln took off for Nebraska to see the Huskers play on Friday. According to Biegel the trip went great.

"I was in Nebraska this past weekend," Biegel said. "My family and I cruised down to Nebraska this past weekend. We had a really great time. We got to meet the coaches and see the facilities at Nebraska."

Biegel and his family actually left on Thanksgiving for Nebraska so they were able to get to Lincoln early that morning on Friday. He was able to pick up some Husker gear and head over to the stadium for a tour.

"On Friday we got there early, about 10:00, and we went to the pro shop. We went on the tour after that. It was nice. The coaches and the staff are all great people. We just had a great time."

Before the game Biegel and the other recruits were able to experience the tunnel walk. The experience for Biegel had him thinking about the players that had done that before him.

"We got to go through the tunnel walk before the game. It was kind of surreal. You had to think about the players that have had the chance to run out of that tunnel before. Also being on the field with the other players and seeing them warm up before the game was such an awesome experience."

Besides seeing the game, going through the tunnel walk and doing everything when it came to football; Biegel said one of the things that he was most impressed with at Nebraska was the student-athlete academic support center at Nebraska.

"We also had a chance to go through their academic support department and Nebraska is a step ahead of everyone else when it comes to academics. That is one thing that I took away from the trip. They really care about their players."

Biegel went to Lincoln and came home from Lincoln without an offer. Nebraska definitely expressed their interest in Biegel and he's hopeful that through some more communication that he will get that offer.

"We sat down with the coaches and we really didn't really press the issue of an offer. They told us that they wanted me as a football player, but the issue of an offer didn't come up. I plan on keeping in touch with Nebraska and hopefully we can come together on an offer."

There are already three teams that have tendered an offer to Biegel and many others are expressing some serious interest in him. Biegel is claiming a leader, but says that the Huskers despite not offering will be a team he considers.

"I have offers from Wisconsin, Iowa and BYU. My dad played for four years at BYU, Rocky Biegel, and my grandfather coached there. I am also getting interest from Oregon, Boise State, Stanford, Ohio State, Utah and of course Nebraska.

"Obviously Wisconsin is the home state school and I would have to say that Wisconsin is probably my #1 school. It's because of them being local, but Nebraska is definitely a school that I will have to consider."

There are plans after the first of the year to take part in the junior combine in San Antonio. Biegel is really hoping to make his mark in the combine after putting in some serious training time getting ready. He is also eyeing another unofficial visit to see BYU.

"I am planning on going to the U.S. Army Combine on January 6th. I am excited about that. I have been training for that for a while now. I am also planning on taking a trip out to BYU as they get ready for their bowl game."

Biegel says that academics are at the top of his list of things he's looking for in a school. He is then going to start to look at athletics like the game day environment as well as the coaches at the school.

"One of the top things I am looking for in a school is academics. I am also looking at the football program and also the culture itself, like the fans, but also the environment on game day. I am also looking at the coaching staff, looking for a coach to be like a mentor to me."

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