The Holiday a great opportunity after all

I had it all wrong. I thought Nebraska got screwed, because the Big 12 didn't want to lose any national pub. But then I got to looking at it a big closer. Turns out that going to the Holiday Bowl for the second year in a row and playing Washington for the second time this season, gives both teams a lot to look forward to.

I now officially take back everything I said about the apparent screw job Nebraska got in being passed over by the Insight, forcing the Huskers to head to the Holiday Bowl, where they played last year.

My problem was that I didn't look deep enough at the positives this bowl has for both teams. And I think you'll agree that when you look at just some of them, this bowl isn't just a good bowl, it's a gift that just keeps on giving. Check out just what these two fine institutions will get out of this year's experience in San Diego.

Washington gets to go to a bowl, the first one they have gone to in almost 10 years

Nebraska gets 15 more practices

Washington has a shot at a winning season, the first since 2002

Nebraska's only tree? hmmmm, maybe.

Nebraska gets to go back to the same hotel they were at least year and pick up any crap they might have forgot

Washington gets a shot at redemption against Nebraska which shelled them 56-21 earlier in the season

Nebraska gets to go to a place where it's so warm all the time, "mittens" is something you name a cat

Washington's band gets to travel to San Diego where they will be part of the "battle of the bands."

Nebraska's band gets a second opportunity to actually show up this time as they didn't last year and had to be replaced by Lincoln Southeast High School in Nebraska.

Washington players will have the opportunity to head to Sea World, a beautiful look into the grand world of the ocean

Nebraska players who were doused by "Shamu" last year, can now give way to those few who last year didn't have the pleasure of being drenched by an Orca

Washington has a chance to beat a ranked team, something they haven't done since October when they beat #24 Oregon State. Incidentally, OSU fell out of the top 25 after that loss, and never made its way back in.

Nebraska has a chance to improve their record this year to 3-0 when facing teams wearing purple.

If Washington were to choose to bus down to California, they could take the detour off I-5 and see the beautiful Redwood trees in Yosemite.

If the Huskers were to choose to bus to California, they could stay right on I-80 through Nebraska and see one tree.

So, there ya have it. It's a short list, but I trust I have made my point. It's all so clear to me now. Hooray for the Holiday!!!



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