Turner knows depth is important

It was déjà vu for Jamal Turner. Last year he went to the Big 12 Championship game and Nebraska lost to Texas on a last second field goal. This year Turner had a chance to see Nebraska compete for the Big 12 crown again only to come up short, by the same margin. It was a bit different game though for Nebraska as Turner noted why quarterback depth is important.

Jamal Turner of Arlington (Texas) Sam Houston had to shake his head again this past Saturday. For the second straight year he was in attendance to see Nebraska come up just short of winning the Big 12 title.

"I was disappointed just like every other fan and player," Turner said. "I felt like we should have beaten them, we were better than them. We just went out and the offense played bad. That cost us the game. I was very disappointed."

One thing that Turner and every other Nebraska fan has picked up on this season is how the Nebraska quarterback position goes so does the team. Turner says that's its one of the things that drew him to Nebraska.

"Yeah, it's exciting. With the offense that they run, putting a lot of emphasis on the quarterback, the quarterback can go down and get injured at any time. I am going to back someone up or they are going to back me up when I get up there, but you need that guy that can come in and take over the team."

Some people see logjams at the quarterback position but Turner will tell you that you need to be deep at the quarterback position. You never know when that injury is going to strike or when another set of tools is needed or when multiple quarterbacks will be in on the same play.

"You have to be deep at that position. It's like going to war with one good warrior and some O.K. fighters. Then the leader dies and what are you going to do? Everyone else is going to die. It's critical to have depth on the team and at the quarterback position."

While the Huskers were walking off of the field on Saturday night in Dallas they were walking into the living room for Turner on Sunday. Turner leaves for Nebraska in a few short weeks, but there were really more questions on playing time, redshirting and work outs to be answered.

"Nebraska was in-home with me on Sunday. Coach Tim Beck was here to talk to me and my family. Everything is basically covered when it comes to me going to Nebraska in about four weeks, so there weren't any questions about that.

"My family really just had questions for him about playing time, would I redshirt and he was telling us about the transition from high school to college. I also wanted to know about the work outs I should be ready for to get to know some things before I get there and be ready for it."

Coach Beck didn't have a straight yes or no answer on redshirting for Turner, as has been the case under Bo Pelini since coming to Lincoln, but it was said and Turner knows that there is opportunity if he wants to come and take advantage of it.

"He said that you never know if anyone is going to redshirt, it can't be pre-determined, it depends on what I get up there and do. I know that nothing will be handed to me, but there is a good chance on getting up there and playing early. I just have to go and work hard. I need to earn the respect of the players and the coaches when it comes to leading the team."

Turner is literally a month away from leaving for Nebraska. His mind has wandered from leaving high school to missing family. There have still been more smiles than frowns when it comes to all of his thoughts.

"I will be excited some moments thinking about what's to come and then down and sad because I know that I am going to miss my family. At the end of the day though it's mostly exciting for me to think about getting up to Nebraska finally."

While Turner wasn't the first commitment for Nebraska he wasn't the last either. He was an early commitment and he's asked all of the time ‘why Nebraska?' Like Turner can only do he only tells them the truth in return.

"People ask me all the time why did I choose Nebraska? I tell them every time it was the fans, the tradition and the coaches. I have never second guessed my decision. I knew where I was always going to go to school. I know that my heart was always in Nebraska."

Turner has been a Nebraska commitment since January, still that didn't stop some teams from pursuing all the way up to the bitter end. He heard negative recruiting and also teams wanted him to picture him in their offense as opposed to Nebraska.

"Some of the teams that never gave up recruiting me were Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Louisiana Tech and Oklahoma State. They were all recruiting me hard. I heard a lot about Taylor Martinez being there from each school and also about their own offenses and how I fit if I went there."

While Turner is always good for insightful comments he didn't have a lot to say about Tevin Mitchel. Mitchel, also a Nebraska commitment from nearby Mansfield (Texas) Legacy, was supposedly set to visit Arkansas in the coming week or so.

"I spoke to Tevin Monday, I think. I haven't spoken to him today. I am not sure what he's going to do. Last time I spoke to him he said he was going to take a trip to Arkansas because that is where he's from. Supposedly his older sister just had a baby so he thinks while he's there why not just visit?"

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