Early enrollment can't come soon enough

Kevin Williams is chomping at the bit to get to Nebraska. No, he's really chomping at the bit. There is no school. He's in a new state, and he's literally doing nothing but watching football and waiting. But at least the Husker coaches stopped by for a bit last week.

January 6th can't come soon enough for defensive tackle, Kevin Williams.

That's when he'll go through his orientation as he gets ready for his career as a Husker.

Almost a month to wait, though, is still too long for him. "I'm going crazy down here. We moved here not that long ago, and I have been doing nothing but sitting here, watching football and waiting,"

Williams said of his new residence in Houston, Texas due to a promotion his mother received at her job.

"I'm just watching Nebraska play, and oh man, you have no idea how bad I want to get up to Lincoln."

For now Williams will have to "deal" with having Xbox and a PS3 as his best friend, that is when he isn't working out with a trainer he found after he moved down to the Lone Star State not even a month ago.

And it didn't hurt that Husker linebacker coach Mike Ekeler came by just to see how he was. "He's a really cool guy, and we just kind of hung out for a bit when he came to see me after they played in the Big 12 title game," Williams said.

And Williams has an award he recently won to keep him company for a bit as Kevin said that last week he was named the Ohio Division II Defensive Player of the Year. His team only won four games on the season, but for his own part, Williams notched an impressive 111 tackles, 10.5 of those going for sacks.

When Williams makes the trip up to Lincoln in January, he figures he'll be joined by Jamal Turner, at least for now a fellow Texan. And the other part of the expected trio will be offensive lineman Tyler Moore. Williams said that it was last month when he was officially good to go. Now he just wants to officially get the heck up there. "Yeah, I passed all that stuff in the Clearinghouse, so I'm not doing anything right now. That's what makes it worse," he said. "I just sit, watch football and every time I do I wish i was there right now."

While Williams has seen most of the Husker season, he hasn't seen it all. And you have to remember that while the Big 12 apathy has built to a fever pitch for those who had some connections to this league, Williams, a devout Buckeye basher, said that the Big 12 doesn't mean a thing to him. "I grew up where it was mostly Ohio State fans, and I think that just made me hate them that much more. I just grew up hating them like no other team around," he said. "I don't know much about the Big 12, because I grew up watching Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State and all those. So, I want to beat those teams. I don't really care about those in the Big 12."

Williams is obviously hoping the jump start in Spring will help him figure out what he has to do to get where he wants to go. Not that it will mean he plays his first year, but he said that hitting the ground running is the main thing. "I just want to get up there, get to know where I am at and just start working on what I need to do. I'm not thinking too much on when I am going to play. I'm thinking more about what I have to do to get better," he said.

"But honestly, I just want to get up there. My mom says to me every day that it's getting close, it's getting close...it's almost here. But that's not good enough for me. I want to get there right now. it won't be close enough until I am standing on campus. That's where I want to be."

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