What's up with Charles Jackson?

With the questions surrounding current Husker commit Tevin Mitchel increasing following a recent official visit to Arkansas, people start to realize this is the time of the year for that sort of thing. Schools don't stop recruiting, so some kids don't stop looking around. But one corner committed to the Huskers said he isn't one of those.

When Charles Jackson committed to Nebraska, he said one of the reasons he did so was that he wanted to play with fellow Texas prep standout Tevin Mitchell. Both are ranked as one of the top 25 players in the country at their position.

Well, recent events have seen Mitchel take an official visit to Arkansas, which is actually where Mitchel is originally from. Jackson said he doesn't know what is going on with that, and hasn't talked to Mitchel much beyond some camps. "Yeah, just at a couple of camps. That's about the only time I talked to him. But I know he has family from around that area," Jackson said.

Well, in the world of recruiting and for those who follow it, all it takes is a spark and they start thinking that it's the beginning of an inferno of recruiting dramas that will extend all the way to signing day, the first week of February.

And it's not like schools are going to stop recruiting some of the best players in the country.

Jackson is one of those, but he said that schools haven't been all that intent on recruiting him as of right now. "Mostly it's letters, but my mom deals with most of that. I really haven't talked to anyone," Jackson said.

This is the time where schools are doing in-home visits, and Jackson said that the only one he's expecting is Nebraska next week, possibly on Friday. This will follow the Big 12 title game, which Jackson watched, of course. He loved the defense, but he's obviously hoping that Nebraska gets things in order a bit all the way around. "They just made mistakes. They turned the ball over a lot. I hope they get that fixed before they play in the bowl game," Jackson said.

Charles knows all about one-dimensional teams, because his team fought with that in the second round of the playoffs this year. "I got a touchdown on special teams. A teammate got a touchdown on special teams. But that was it," Jackson said. "We made too many mistakes at all the wrong times, so we're sitting at home instead of still playing."

However, two years of undefeated regular seasons in the state of Texas is nothing to frown at. But for Jackson, he had to get used to enduring running around and not doing much of anything when he was playing corner.

"They stopped throwing to my side. They stopped running to my side. I don't know what my stats were this year, because most of the plays were going away from wherever I was," he said.

Nebraska cornerback, Prince Amukamara can relate. He was named an All-American, and he was also a finalist of the Jim Thorpe Award, given out to the best cornerback in the country. All that without having an interception to his name. Not bad for a kid who just a few years ago wasn't even looking at corner. Now he's one of the best corners in the country.

You can imagine that Jackson likes that. "That's crazy that you can take a guy who wanted to play offense, and turn him into an All-American corner in a couple of years. I like that. I don't know who wouldn't like that," Jackson said. Marvin Sanders, the Husker secondary coach, is obviously the primary recruiter for Jackson, and the coach who will be in-home with him this coming week.

But back to the recruiting attention that Jackson will likely get, one of the big selling points is that Nebraska is so cold, while everyplace else seems to be one perfect day followed by another. While Jackson isn't real experienced with a Midwestern Winter, he says one of the things he's regretted a bit during his prep career, is not being able to play in conditions which he considers ideal. "I want to play in the snow. I have always wanted to play in a game where it's snowing. But I can't, because I live in Houston, Texas," he said. "I love playing in the cold, because I'm tough and I can take it. But I know that when you hit someone in the cold, it's going to hurt the offensive guy a lot more than it's going to hurt me."

There's another factor which has come up of late, that being the rumors about Nebraska Head Coach Bo Pelini being a candidate for the Miami job as well as mumblings about him initially after Urban Meyer stepped down at Florida. The Miami rumors have been eliminated by Pelini himself in a statement, and former Texas defensive coordinator Will Muschamp is now the new head coach for the Gators.

So, you could kind of sense the panic from Huskerland during that somewhat traumatic time.

They doubt all the  commits, outside of those in state. They wonder if the entire class will just get up and go.

Jackson reiterated something he'll probably have to more than a few times before signing day arrives. And that is that he's not taking any other visits, he's not looking at any other schools and Nebraska is where he wants to be.

"That's true. I'm solid. I committed there for a reason," he said. "I like what they are doing on defense. I like what they do with their corners. So, I'm not going anywhere."


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