Waiting game

Its finals week for most students and Joe Carter is focusing his attention on doing well on his exams this week. However he can't help but give some time to the college coaches as they stop by to see him either. It's really a two team battle for the junior college defensive end and he will tell you that he loves both teams. When will he make a decision?

The academic calendar is wrapping up for most students and Joe Carter from Rancho Cucamonga (Calif.) Chaffey J.C. is no different. The standout defensive end said that his last day is Friday and he will be heading home where it's a little cooler weather-wise than where he is now.

"I am out this Friday," Carter said. "The weather has been nice here in California and when I am done with school I will head back to South Carolina. I heard that there has been some snow on the ground back home."

The Huskers have been by to see Carter already before he takes off for the holidays. The Husker staff was there to see Carter and to see Nebraska commitment Daimion Stafford.

"Nebraska came to see me the same day there were here to see Daimion Stafford. It was Coach Carl Pelini from Nebraska who was here to see us both. We had a nice talk about things.

"We talked about my visit to Nebraska, what I liked about it and how things were going for me academically. He also asked me when I expected to become a Cornhusker. I told him that could be any day."

Carter took a trip to see Nebraska over Thanksgiving and since getting back to California he has had some chances to think about the trip. He believes that Nebraska has a lot more to offer him than just great football.

"After getting back to California I have thought about the trip to Nebraska. They really have some nice facilities at Nebraska. There is also more to offer me at Nebraska than just football.

"They work with you in all areas of your life and try to keep you on the right track to achieve your goals. Their facilities for football and academics were amazing."

Besides the football and the academics Carter said that he was really impressed with the fans. While in Nebraska he found himself signing autographs at a basketball game that he was watching of all places.

"The people at Nebraska are great and so are their fans. When Daimion and I were there on our official visit we were signing autographs at the basketball game. That really says a lot about their fans."

While Nebraska is really pursuing Carter a team that hasn't stopped is Arizona. Arizona, who Carter still considers himself a commitment to, said that the Wildcat staff just left before this interview.

"Arizona was just here. I told them that I was still a verbal to them. They were one of the first teams to offer and I committed because I didn't think that I would get anymore offers. Then Nebraska comes along and got me thinking.

"Arizona was here talking about how I could come out there and get to work right away. I haven't talked to Nebraska about that, but I am sure that Nebraska would probably tell me the same thing about working to get on the field.

"All of the Division I teams have players. They all do. I know that it's on me to put in the work to get on the field. I know that is the opportunity that I am given and I just need to take advantage of it."

Carter considers himself an Arizona commitment, but it definitely seems like Nebraska is at least on his mind. He admits that he could change his mind at any time when it comes to his commitment. The only problem is he doesn't know when that time might be.

"I don't really have a set date to make a decision between Arizona and Nebraska. I am still thinking about both schools, I love both schools, and there really isn't one thing that I am waiting to see or to hear before making my decision final."

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