One day a Husker, the next day.......

It wasn't even a day after he committed to the Huskers, when tight end Darien Bryant changed his mind. Now, a future Husker has a future that is anyone's guess.

Following a recent blur of reports stating that Darien Bryant, the Ohio prep who committed to Nebraska, had just changed his mind - we followed it up with his mother, who said that was correct.

"Yes - it's true. I think it's probably cold feet but he didn't want to keep Nebraska on the hook when he isn't 100 certain and NU needs a tight end from this class as badly as they do," she stated.

Bryant had been looking at a number of other schools, one of which was Hawaii. The Rainbows may be one of the other programs he's seriously considering at this point.

As to whether or not he'll recommit to Nebraska or if Nebraska simply will cut their losses and move onto another prospect, is as of yet uncertain.

We'll keep you updated, though, if anything pertinent changes.

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