My Bowl(s) Preview

Let's face it, there are too many bowls. With that being said, I'm previewing what I care about in regard to those left. It won't be all of them, and perhaps I'll look at some that really don't matter as it is. But hey, it's my preview, so hey.

These are mine, because they are, and I say that, because I don't think some bowls are even worth talking about. So, I don't. Only the ones I want to...I guess.


Time (ET)

Bowl Game

Dec. 28

10:00 pm

Insight Bowl
Iowa vs. Missouri

Now, this actually could be a good game. Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert versus an Iowa defense that was once again, a very good unit this year save for some suspect pass defense throughout the year. And now Iowa will be going into this contest down a couple of starters following suspensions. Missouri has a solid offense, but the big question here is about the offense for the other team. Iowa isn't very good running the ball and only slightly above average throwing it. The big worry, though, is on the side of the ball where they are used to being great. It's in tackles for loss and sacks, Iowa ranking worse than 80th in sacks and among the worst in the country in TFLs. Against Gabbert, that could be a problem. It would be a big bowl win for the Missouri program and the tens of fans who loyally follow Missouri to every road game all season.

Dec. 29

6:00 pm

Texas Bowl
Illinois vs. Baylor

The only reason this game even makes the list is due to some poorly misplaced loyalty to a conference which will probably be dead in a few years. But hey. If anything, this game pits two of the best running quarterbacks in the country against each other, and that's saying something when you look at the crop of dual-threat QBs in the country this year. Nathan Scheelhaase is a young man still learning how to be a passing QB, but the kid can run. And we all know far more than we would ever want to know about Baylor's signal-caller, Robert Griffin the 45th….or whatever. I have to give Baylor the advantage on this one, if only because I am such a homer for the Big 12, may it rest in peace.

Dec. 29

9:15 pm

Valero Alamo Bowl
Oklahoma State vs. Arizona

Well, the good news for Arizona this year is that they won't be facing a defense even close to what they faced when they were shut out by the Huskers in that 33-0 pounding in the Holiday Bowl. They don't have to worry about a defense, because Oklahoma State doesn't have one. Seriously, they stink. If an 80-year old woman on a Little Rascal with dying batteries was on one side of a busy street with nothing but Oklahoma State defenders in her way from getting to the other, not only would she make it to the other side, but her batteries would somehow recharge themselves. Not sure if that makes any sense, but if you want to prove to yourself that you have a good offense, even if you don't, play Oklahoma State and leave confident. The problem for Arizona is going to be that as bad as OSU's defense is, their offense is better. They are super good. Potent, and good luck to anyone trying to stop Justin Blackmon. And this game is under a dome, so the Wildcats better find some sort of defense, even if they have to bring it in the form of cars they can park across the field. That might be the only thing that saves them from giving up 50. Which means the final score should be Oklahoma State 50, Arizona 49.

Dec. 30

3:15 pm

New Era Pinstripe Bowl
Syracuse vs. Kansas State

Again, here's my homer side as I give the Big 12 more attention than they deserve. But hey, what's more attractive than one program which hasn't been anywhere in years making a bowl versus another team that went somewhere for awhile, fired the coach who took them there, and then rehired that same coach because the coach who they replaced him with who a fan base lauded as being something Bill Snyder never could be – took KSU back into the depths the likes of which they had only seen prior to Snyder taking over….ummmm…the first time. Maybe KSU fans will grow a brain at some point and realize that the guy who saved you and who has to save you again, might be worth keeping around, even if it takes him a few more years to get the program back. You think they will learn? Probably not. Maybe they will start a petition to bring Ron Prince back again. I guess I have to pick a winner here. I'll go with KSU, because I'm so lopsidedly faithful to this soon-to-be-defunct league. Oh, and as well as having Daniel Thomas at running back, my other lock tight reason for picking the purple is that Syracuse is a nice story, but they still ****.

Dec. 30

6:30 pm

Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl
North Carolina vs. Tennessee

Let's call this the Irony bowl, shall we? You have in North Carolina a team that got absolutely hammered by the NCAA before the season began. And they are facing a team that probably should have gotten hammered by the NCAA a long time ago. But don't lose hope Vol haters, because with all the crap in the pipeline that they are being investigated for allegedly doing, not the least of which was their hooker…err..I mean "hostess" program, Tennessee may just take the baton from the Tarheels in this game and carry it on toward the future. There's nothing like keeping traditions alive. I have NC winning, just because I still have a man crush on Michael Jordan.

Dec. 30

10:00 pm

Bridgepoint Education Holiday Bowl
Washington vs. Nebraska

Haven't we seen this before? Oh yeah, earlier this year. 56-21, Nebraska winning in a landslide. Can do they do it again? I am sure Taylor Martinez will be one hundred percent healthy. Yeah, I'm sure he will be. I almost typed that with a straight face. Of course he won't be, but it shouldn't matter. Nebraska had two running plays in that entire game where they had five yards or less to go for a first down, and didn't make it. They had three players get over a hundred yards rushing per. Nebraska blew Washington off the line like they weren't even there, and if Shawn Watson can stick to a running game if it's working, it may not be another 35-point beatdown, but it might be close. Good news for Husky fans, though, is that Jake Locker, who went 4-of-20 passing that game, can't really play much worse than he did against the Huskers. If that's not a reason to be optimistic, I don't know what is. Nebraska by 17

Dec. 31

2:00 pm

Hyundai Sun Bowl
Notre Dame vs. Miami

Call this the redemption bowl for the Fighting Irish. They weren't very good at being teams this year that actually had an employed head coach on the team. Now they get to face a team that just fired theirs. Maybe we can call this "The Replacements Part II". Either way, Notre Dame stinks, but Miami isn't much better. It's not that they don't have the potential to be good. They really do. But for all of quarterback Jacory Harris' gifts, this kid is an interception waiting to happen. People remark all the time about how calm he is. They're right. I have never seen a guy more calmly throw the ball to the wrong team, over and over again. It's like he doesn't even look for coverage. He just throws it. But it's a pretty ball. Nice spiral and all that. Who says looks aren't everything, especially in South Beach? If this game does have any significance, it is one of only two bowls that will be aired by a network other than ESPN. Congratulations CBS, enjoy this one. You sure earned it.

Dec. 31

7:30 pm

Chick-fil-A Bowl
Florida State vs. South Carolina

Jimbo versus the ole ball coach. Yep, that sure does make you think of something. Sausage and golf, maybe? Either way, South Carolina has in my estimation, the most overrated quarterback in the country. Stephen Garcia, under the expert eye of Steve Spurrier, has managed to play out of his mind for one big game this year, and then prove just how out of his mind he was in that game, every game since. He's not that good. He's inconsistent, and he is perhaps the biggest mystery to me when it comes to the Gamecocks. That team under Spurrier, has been far more well known for their defense than they have their offense. But at least that receiver, Jeffries is good. That kid is so good he has made Garcia look competent. That qualifies him for the Heisman in my book. I give this game to the only decent quarterback in this game, Christian Ponder. And he's not great, but he's not as bad as Garcia.

Jan. 1

12:00 pm

TicketCity Bowl
Northwestern vs. Texas Tech

This is perfect. A bowl I can really care about. And I can go into this game saying I don't care who wins, but know that as long as it's not the team from Texas, I'm thrilled. Northwestern has one of the best young coaches in the country, while Tech has a head coach who not just a few months ago said that he didn't think the Big 12 was long for this world. He got fined for that or something? That makes him not only prophetic, but pretty dang cool in my book. That's almost good enough to give them my sentimental vote for this game. But I'm going with the Big Ten. I'm feeling the homerism taking me over. And how about this, a team in purple I can actually like…..well, for awhile.

Jan. 1

1:00 pm

Outback Bowl
Penn State vs. Florida

What a crappy game. No, seriously, a game which features the newest head coach in the FBS, going against the oldest head coach in the FBS. If Will Muschamp wasn't already a pre-teen on ephedrine, I'd say that this guy should be excited to face a legend like that, right out of the gate. But then I think about it, and it's not like he would be doing anything right now even if he still had his old job. Texas is home for the holidays. There is a God, but apparently God can't even help the Huskers beat the heathen horns. Oh well. I'm picking Florida here, because until that freshman quarterback of Penn State's isn't a freshman anymore, uh uh, I don't pick them. Yes, I know Nebraska has a freshman quarterback, but that quarterback has already beaten the team they are going to play.

Jan. 1

1:00 pm

Capital One Bowl
Michigan State vs. Alabama

Here's where I get the homer hat on and root for the Spartans. OK, maybe not. Sorry Sparty, but ‘Bama is just too good for MSU right now. Yeah, I know this isn't last year's ‘Bama, but that team would have smoked MSU, too. This team might not smoke them, but I find it hard to see how Michigan State is going to be able to stop that offense, especially if that running back tandem from hell gets going. Bama by 10.

Jan. 1

1:30 pm

Konica Minolta Gator Bowl
Michigan vs. Mississippi State

The only reason I am even acknowledging this game is the fact that much like Oklahoma State, if you have a sputtering offense, the cure for that is facing Michigan. Actually, Michigan is worse. While the Cowboys are only 91st in total defense, Michigan is 108th. They aren't just bad, they are horri-bad, terri-bad, Ashlee Simpson trying to sing – bad. Yes, bad. But if their quarterback is healthy, they can still score with anyone. Mullen has done a heck of a job at Miss. State, and this could be a close one. Maybe 124-118…..give or take. I'll take the dudes with the cool helmet. Sorry MSU, that definitely ain't you.

Jan. 1

5:00 pm

Rose Bowl presented by Citi
Wisconsin vs. TCU

All hail the non AQ team making it to the BCS. And please, get your trash talk out of the way now, because around the third quarter when a Wisconsin Head Coach not noted for his sympathy for a lopsided score, decides to throw another fly pattern after his team is already up by 28. And then it will be a flea flicker for another one, then John Clay runs up the gut on an overrated defense for another one. TCU is going to get SUPA smoked in this one. Their statistically dominant defense is going to get statistically monkey slapped. I don't know what that means, but it sounds bad. Nice run, TCU. But get ready to get physically whupped.

Jan. 1

8:30 pm

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl
Oklahoma vs. Connecticut

Speaking of butt kickings, if this game is anything but a Sooner route, I'm going to be stunned, and I think Bob Stoops should quit. I am sure he's already upset, despite winning the Big 12 title game. After all, when the Florida job opened up, Stoops didn't have the time to milk that opportunity for another raise in Norman. But his team should absolutely, positively smoke a UCONN team that has no business being in this game in the first place. Being the best team in the Big East is like being from Arkansas and having the best looking wife. I mean, come on, she's also your sister, so stop bragging.

Jan. 3

8:30 pm

Orange Bowl
Virginia Tech vs. Stanford

The only team in this bowl season with a worse fan following than Missouri is, of course, Stanford. They don't travel. It's beneath them, apparently. They are too rich to drive their own cars? I don't know, but they don't show up for anything except when the band does something to get suspended for the entire year. But while there may not be too many Cardinal fans to enjoy this game, the seven or eight people who did make it, will get to see their Stanford team more than likely paste the surging Hokies. Yes, those Hokies. The same team that lost to James Madison, came back with a vengeance and once again regained their status as being a team that was just good enough, but never quite great. And Stanford is legit. They have a good defense when not playing Oregon. And their offense…..I'll take Luck over Taylor any day. The future number one overall pick in the NFL Draft should take apart the Hokies, and about the only thing that will go Virginia Tech's way is the fact that it's just a puddle jumper plane to get home, while the half dozen Stanford fans who showed up for this game will have a week or so to get home, because they hitchhike everywhere they go as it is. Stanford by 14.

Jan. 4

8:30 pm

Allstate Sugar Bowl
Arkansas vs. Ohio State

Sell your crap, play in a bowl. That's the NCAA motto. A few players from Ohio State, led by quarterback Terrell Pryor, sold a bunch of their stuff from the previous bowl, and got caught. You say it's their stuff? Fine, sell it after your career when it's NCAA legal. But not banning them from the bowl game? Typical NCAA. But look at the good side, this is perhaps the first time in Pryor's self-aggrandizing career that he actually led the charge in something even if by NCAA laws, it wasn't legal. So, they won't be missing any key cogs in this game, but they will be facing a pretty hot Arkansas team, led by a quarterback who actually does get it and actually is a legit pro prospect while Pryor has Jermarcus Russell written all over him, minus anything good about Russell. Wait, was there anything good about Russell? Oh well. I like the Buckeyes, and I don't believe in the myth about SEC speed being that big of a deal. With all that being said, though, I think the pigs come out on top. Arkansas by 3

Jan. 7

8:00 pm

AT&T Cotton Bowl
Texas A&M vs. LSU

LSU should whip the Aggies up and down, left and right, back and forth. But Les Miles is their coach, so they will be forced to keep it close for the entire game, and with seconds ticking off the clock unbeknownst to Miles (as usual), he'll call a play he was certain he had time for, when the clock read over a minute versus the 10 seconds he actually had left. But his players will find a way to pull his crazy butt out of the fire yet again. LSU by half a point? OK, one point.

Jan. 10

8:30 pm

Tostitos BCS National Championship Game
Auburn vs. Oregon

Cam Newton, it's been a good run, you are a hell of a player and I wish you luck as you head off to the NFL. Better get while the getting is good, buddy. Because you aren't likely to repeat this kind of season next year, especially when you are going to start the year by getting it handed to you by Oregon. Oh yeah, it will happen. Cam may get some yards, but most will be in the first half. Cam may get some points, but those will be in the first half, too. When the second half comes, get ready for it, because you know it will happen. It has happened in every game but one this year. Oregon opens up a can, and if they aren't already leading by double digits going into the break, they will be leading by double digits not long after. Auburn has Cam on offense and that's it. On defense they have a decent defensive line, and that's it. Oregon has so many offensive weapons, an already suspect pass defense for the Tigers, will get throttled in this one. Nobody wins shootouts this year like Oregon, because they have more bullets in their gun than anyone else. Going with the analogy, if Auburn is a gun, it's that single-shot pistol someone's wife owned back in the late-1800s. If Oregon is a gun, anything from an UZI on up comes to mind. Again, it's a good run Auburn, but this game is going to perhaps be interesting in the first half, but by the second half Newton can figure out where to auction off his Heisman, so he can get his dad some money for that church. Oh wait, I guess he doesn't need it now? Hmmmm…Oregon by 20+

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