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Everyone knows that Nebraska commitment Jamal Turner and one time Nebraska commitment Tevin Mitchel are close. So when Turner said that he was up in Arkansas this weekend it makes your heart skip a beat for just a second. The first thought that has to rush through everyone's head is another Nebraska commitment visiting Arkansas? Read more about Jamal Turner...

Jamal Turner is returning home after the holiday this past weekend. Turner was able to get back to his home-state and see his father up in Arkansas.

"I am leaving Arkansas," Turner said. "I am from here. I was up here to visit my dad is all. He's from Newport, Ark. He's still living there in Arkansas."

When Nebraska fans hear Arkansas right now they think about Tevin Mitchel and wonder if Jamal Turner might have slipped over to Fayetteville over the weekend. Turner doesn't pull any punches with his response.

"Ah hell no. You kidding me? Naw. They were never in the running for me. They weren't recruiting me really. I have had some family go there and tell me not to go there."

Turner is looking at just about two weeks before becoming a college freshman up in Lincoln. The holiday was important to relax one last time and see some friends and family he hasn't seen in a while.

"Christmas was good. Its one of my last weekends in the area for a while and I haven't been here in Arkansas for three years so it was good to see my family here.

"I really enjoyed seeing them and I even signed some autographs while I was here. Friends and family watch a TV station here that shows Texas high school highlights so a lot of people know me around here."

Wherever Turner goes someone is bound to know something about him. The people that he talked to Arkansas were as much of a fan of his on the field as they are off of it.

"They had seen my highlights and told me that I was a great quarterback. They said that they read about me about ESPN. Most of them just love my attitude and said that I was a good kid and to keep it up."

Before Turner's last days at Arlington (Texas) Sam Houston there was a signing day ceremony for him. Turner has always said he would miss not having one because he was enrolling at semester.

"It was cool. It was very last minute. My coach loves me to death and he wanted to do something for me and my family. We got it together, got my family out there and it was cool.

"It really felt official after that. I knew that I wasn't going to have a signing day last year and knew that I was going to miss out on that. But that really made it fun and feels official."

Getting the family there to experience that was big for Turner. He always does a 180 on his life and realizes where he's come from to make it to where he's at today.

"It really makes my family feel special that this has happened to me and to them. I was bad when I was little. I was always getting into trouble. My mom would always have to come to the school.

"I was just so hyper. I was ADHD when I was younger, but I grew out of it or learned out to channel it. It's something that my family really has a lot of pride in that it's under control and that I am off to play college football."

The Nebraska staff was in home with Turner and his grandparents about three weeks ago according to him. There was some talk about the new offense with the head coach and possible new offensive coordinator at Nebraska.

"Nebraska was here three weeks ago or so. It was Coach Bo Pelini that came to see me at my grandparents' house. We had the red carpet there for him. It was funny, really cool.

"Coach Bo told me that they are trying to keep the offense the same. Coach Tim Beck said that he hopes to be the quarterback coach and the offensive coordinator and said that he's part of the reason they run that offense now.

"He told me that if he becomes the offensive coordinator that he will simplify some things about it and I am really excited about it. They are going to just move forward and keep things the way that they are."

The last couple of weeks for Turner before he goes to Lincoln will be a whirlwind. He takes off for Florida this weekend for the All-American game and a week later he takes off for Nebraska.

"I leave to go to Florida on December 31st. It's the Under Armour All-American game and the game is on January 5th. I come home and then I take off for Nebraska on January 7th."

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