"I passed!"

It's taken some additional time for Braylon Heard but it might have just paid off. Heard woke up this morning to a ringing phone and at the other end was his high school coach at Youngstown (Ohio) Cardinal Mooney informing him of his latest ACT score. According to Heard and to his coach it was the score that was needed for him to academically qualify at Nebraska.

It's a late Christmas gift for Braylon Heard, but that's OK. Heard was excited to get the news this morning from his old high school coach that he has received the necessary score to enroll at Nebraska this spring.

"It feels great," Heard said. "My coach called me this morning, and I was sleeping, and he told me that he went in to see my score. He told me that I passed. He was very excited for me."

Heard isn't sure what his latest test score puts him at on the cumulative test score, but he did know what he needed to get to qualify. He knows that he needed an 18.

"I got an 18 on the latest test and I needed an 18. I am not sure what my cumulative score is, I don't know what I needed there or what my total is, but I know to make the cumulative total work I needed an 18 to get there."

Heard hasn't been in touch with the Nebraska coaching staff yet about his test results. He said that he did know that Nebraska was going to be excited to get this news.

"I haven't spoken with Coach Tim Beck yet. I know that he will be excited to get the news. He has stood by me and stuck with me through this whole process. I really appreciate that from him."

Word of Heard's apparent qualification is very good news for this recruiting class. The offensive firepower that Nebraska has pulled together, particularly in the offensive backfield, is impressive.

"It's going to be a lot of fun going to Nebraska with guys like Jamal Turner, Aaron Green and Bubba Starling. We are all different characters and all have our own styles. I spoke to them at the Texas game and I know that we are going to have fun."

Heard knows when classes start in Lincoln, but he's unsure of when he will be leaving to go to Lincoln for classes. He said that he will have to discuss that with the Nebraska staff.

"I know that I would have to be there for classes that start on the 10th of January. I am not sure yet when I would leave to get there. I will need to talk to Coach Beck about that."

Nebraska might be tough to reach for Heard as they are out in San Diego preparing for the Holiday Bowl. Nebraska takes on Washington for the second time this year after beating them 56-21 early in the season.

"I feel like Nebraska didn't get a good bowl selection first of all. They killed Washington the first time they played them at Washington. Maybe Washington will make a better game of it this time? Nebraska will still win."

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