Suh makes starter in Pro Bowl

In his first year in the league, former Husker defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh makes starter in the Pro Bowl.

I remember the conversation about Ndamukong Suh and Gerald McCoy, easily the two top defensive tackles going in the Draft this year. It was believed that you couldn't go wrong either way - they were both practically equal in ability and potential.

Turns out Detroit choosing Suh over McCoy was one of the best draft decisions of the season.

Nine sacks

That leads all rookie defensive linemen, as well as leading all defensive tackles in the league.

Playing a position like defensive tackle, dominance in your first year is not only unrealistic, it's just hard to do. But Suh managed that this year, his first with the Detroit Lions, as he was not only the only rookie chosen to start in the Pro Bowl on January 30th next year, out of all the defensive tackles, no matter what their experience, he garnered more votes.

And Sam Bradford, the quarterback from Oklahoma who was taken by the Rams just ahead of Suh in the 2010 Draft, came in second place behind the former Husker All-American in regard to rookie voting for the all-star game.

Back to the comparison with McCoy, who was drafted by Tampa Bay right behind Suh, here's how the stats break down:


Suh - 60 tackles, 45 solo
McCoy - 28 tackles, 22 solo


Suh - 9.0
McCoy - 3.0

Pass Deflections

Suh - 4
McCoy - 0


Suh - 1
McCoy - 0

Forced Fumbles

Suh - 1
McCoy - 2

Fumbles Recovered

Suh - 1
McCoy - 0


Suh - 1
McCoy - 0

With this kind of dominance, one has to think that the Rookie of the Year award might simply be inevitable.

Looking at a story done by the Bleacher Report before the season began, they gave their odds for rookie of the year, and here's how their top defensive guys broke down:

Jerry Hughes - DE - Indianapolis Colts - 11 to 1
Eric Berry - S - Kansas City Chiefs  - 9 to 1
Ndamukong Suh - DT - Detroit Lions - 8 to 1
Sergio Kindle - LB - Baltimore Ravens - 6 to 1
Brandon Graham - DE - Philadelphia Eagles - 3 to 1

The Rookie of the Year winner will be announced at a press conference during Super Bowl week, the first week of February, 2011.

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