Jamal Turner…the WR/PR?

It's something that's been talked about, kicked around some, but Husker fans are going to see it first hand on Wednesday night in the Under Armour game. Jamal Turner, a dual threat quarterback commitment, will not be taking snaps at the quarterback position. Instead, he will be one of the weapons at the quarterback's disposal…at wide receiver.

Jamal Turner is down in Florida getting ready for the Under Armour All-American game on Wednesday night. Turner says that things have been busy and that he caught a few minutes to talk about everything he has been up to.

"Things are going good," Turner said. "We have been busy. We were at a Playstation pavilion and they have just had a lot of activities set up for us to keep us busy. They have us doing a lot of things."

Turner is on cloud nine, has been since he was named to the team, and the reality of the situation hasn't disappointed. He finds himself on the same field as some of the nation's best players and is honored by that.

"The experience has been exciting. It's been so cool to be around so many talented individuals and to compare yourself to this person and that person. I am excited and honored to be here."

Nebraska is recruiting Turner to play quarterback. However, there has been talk about Turner possibly playing another position at Nebraska like wide receiver. Husker fans won't have to wait long to see what that might look like.

"I am playing wide receiver. I haven't thrown a ball since I have been here. I am actually looking as good as any other wide receiver that's here. On one of the blogs they said that I am the best athlete in the game.

"Catching the football has been pretty easy for me to do. People down here actually think that I played wide receiver in high school. I tell them I am going to Nebraska to play quarterback and they are like ‘what!?'.

"They are telling me that I have mad skills for a wide receiver. They are all shocked that I actually play quarterback and am going to college to play quarterback at Nebraska."

While there has been an option to at least get Turner on the field and possibly put him in a position where he could help Nebraska he now knows that the option might be a very good one as opposed to some wild experiment. He could also see himself giving special teams a try as well.

"I would say that there is a real option for me to move out to slot at Nebraska. That's why I am so excited about my future at Nebraska because I could play so many different positions.

"Today on punt return a guy from Dallas knows a lot about me and encouraged them to give me a shot to return a punt. These coaches just don't know me and other recruits.

"So on the last punt return, and it was live, he told me to get back there. I shook like five players and took it all the way down to the five yard line. I was shaking All-Americans all the way down the field."

The game is just three days away and Turner has only been in Florida since New Year's Eve. He says that it's amazing how quickly things need to come together and it's really a testament to the quality of players how smoothly the installation has gone.

"We play on Wednesday night. I can't explain how quickly things have come together. We all picked things up by the second day. Only the best players could do what we are doing. Learning a new offense in a day? It's been amazing."

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