Turner reflects on experience

Nebraska commitment Jamal Turner was the only Nebraska commitment in action tonight in the Under Armour All-American game. More than that, Turner was also being asked to play wide receiver as opposed to quarterback which he is slotted to play at Nebraska. What did Turner think of his performance tonight and what did he take away from the entire experience?

Dual-threat quarterback Jamal Turner was now the one that got a chance to come back to the huddle and tell his quarterback that he was open. The Nebraska commitment played wide receiver tonight for the West squad in the Under Armour All-American game and lost a heart breaker at the end.

"That was a tough game," Turner said. "The red team got another shot at a blocked field goal after an illegal blitz was called or something and they made the second one.

"It was tough for me too because we put in a lot of things for me that we didn't do. We had some double passes that we were going to use, but I think that the coaches thought we were going to win and no need to run it up."

Turner not only had to play a different position than what he was accustomed to playing, but also dealt with an injury since the first day of practice. He said that it wasn't enough to keep him off of the field though.

"I had been having some back and hip problems all week, but I was doing the best that I could. I had fallen on my tail bone earlier in the week and it was slowing me down some.

"Overall though I thought that I did OK. I got open on some routes when I didn't get the ball, but that's the way that it goes. It was a really good game and I am just excited that I was part of it and playing with all of these guys."

Turner was happy with his effort. He knows that he could have done better, but his lack of experience playing the position up to this point was limited to just this week. Turner said that he was happier with his efforts throughout the week as opposed to in the game. He said he might have lost some focus tonight.

"I thought that I did well throughout the week. Of course I had to adjust to playing the wide receiver position and this is my first time ever doing this. I think that I played pretty good.

"I thought that in the game though that I struggled a bit. On my opportunities for bubble (screens) I would fall down and reversed my field and just couldn't get it going.

"I think that it was just a lack of focus, really. I don't really know and I have started to think about that since the game ended and I don't have an answer. Sometimes in games I try to do too much. That just happens."

Turner says that there is a lot that he has taken away from the game experience as a whole. The first would be working with some of the best high school players in the nation. Beyond that he also takes away a brief glimpse of life at the receiver position.

"Meeting all of these guys, these cool guys, is something that I will take with me. The networking side to this was big for me to experience. I will see them somewhere down the line and we will know each other already.

"Also playing wide receiver I got a chance to look into their world and understand what they go through. When they say that they are open or they aren't I now know where they are coming from a little more."

Turner leaves for Lincoln on Saturday. Heading up to Lincoln his mind is set on playing the quarterback position. When asked point blank if he would rather wait for a shot to play quarterback or get on the field he said, "Get on the field."

"My heart is at quarterback. I am going there with the mindset that I am playing quarterback, but if it doesn't happen then I will move to wide receiver. I just want to give it a shot.

"I have spoken to Coach Tim Beck and Coach Shawn Watson about putting some plays for me at different positions. It's just something that we messed around with. I am not too sure they would do that.

"It's something that I would be interested in, definitely. I'm open to it. I would rather get on the field as soon as possible. I will do whatever the coaching staff wants me to do. I would rather do that than wait for a chance to start at quarterback."

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