Alabama RB high on the Huskers

As we inch closer to signing day, the Huskers look to finish an already strong recruiting class. And with five star RB Aaron Green already committed, Nebraska appears to be in the market for at least one more running back, and Ameer Abdullah from Homewood (AL) seems to fit the bill. With a visit set for Lincoln next weekend, Ameer says Nebraska is at the top of an impressive list of offers.

Ameer Abdullah, who carries major offers from around the country, says his most recent offer just came in.

"I have some offers from a lot of small schools, but some bigger schools like Auburn, Alabama, USC, West Virginia, Vanderbilt, South Carolina, Texas A & M and Clemson have offered too. And my latest one just came from Nebraska the other night."

Ameer, who plays both ways in high school, said some colleges also see him as a guy that could play either side, while others prefer him on offense.

"USC, Alabama and Tennessee have said they like me at corner, the rest of the schools like Nebraska, West Virginia and Clemson have said running back.

"I don't really prefer either one, I'm comfortable playing both running back and corner. Whatever the coaches feel is best, I'll do. I'm more worried about getting a good education than I am what position I'll play."

Can you tell Husker fans a little bit about your background, your family, and are you originally from Alabama?

"No sir, I'm actually from Tampa (FL), we moved up here to Alabama when I was about 10 years old. I've been here ever since.

"I come from a huge family, I have six sisters and two brothers and I'm the youngest of the bunch. My older brother (31) actually played in the NFL for a little bit, his name is Muhammad Abdullah; he played at Alabama State back in college.

"He made the Carolina Panther squad and was working his way up the depth chart. But you know how the NFL is, it's hard to stick in that league with so many great players."

You mentioned earlier that Nebraska was your most recent offer. When did you start really hearing from the Huskers?

"I mean, like every school they were sending me letters here and there. Just to kind of keep up with me and see how I'm doing. But then I hadn't heard from them in awhile, but my coach told me they had notified him sometime in December that they were interest in me.

"So I called coach Beck on Tuesday, and he said they really loved my film and they really need running backs. Then he said he would be on his way to Birmingham the next day to come see me, and he did. Matter of fact when I was talking to him he was about to hop on the flight.

"The next day, on Wednesday he came by my school then he came by my house. We got to meet each other personally and put a face with the name. He met with my parents for a long time, and I could tell both my parents liked him a lot and trusted what he was saying to us."

And what was that message?

"He said he really likes me as a player and a person, and that he was verbally offering me right then. He wants me to get up there and meet coach Pelini eye-to-eye so he can see what he'd be getting first. Coach Pelini wants to get to know me as a person before they offer.

"Coach Beck said he was a little mad, because he felt they might be getting in too late on my recruitment. Coach Beck said he has wanted me for awhile, and was worried I wouldn't really give them a look now."

Is there any truth to that, does it hurt Nebraska's chances by being late to the party?

"No, I really like Nebraska a lot. They want to reshape the offense like Oregon and just get speed all over the field. A high-power spread attack that runs the rock and I like that. They lose Helu this year, and he was a real successful 1,000 yard back, and Martinez will be back next year healthy. They also already have Aaron Green committed and he is a great back. I feel me and him could give Nebraska that one-two punch they're looking for and keep the fans happy.

"I've always paid attention to the running backs at Nebraska, that's like running back U. All the Heisman winners and national championships, they have the total package. A lot of schools have different things to like about them, Nebraska is one of those schools that have everything in one. I consider myself a student athlete first, and Nebraska's academics are also attractive.

"Coach Beck talked about how they emphasize you staying on top of your work in the classroom, and my parents liked that a lot."

Have you taken any official visits yet, or have any that are set up for the future?

"Yeah, I've already been to Tennessee and Vanderbilt, and I had one set up to West Virginia but I had to cancel that one. With all the coaching changes there (West Virginia) I don't really think that's where I need to be.

"On the 21st of January I'm going to visit Alabama, and then I head to USC on the 28th. But I have one set to Nebraska next weekend (1/14) too, me and coach Beck set that up the other night."

Ameer said distance won't be a factor in his decision, matter of fact his parents might encourage him to get out and find his way in the world.

"My parents need a chance to get on with their lives, they've just raised nine kids and it's time for them to get a break from us," laughed Abdullah. "I mean let's face it, when you raise nine kids, at some point you're ready for them to leave the nest. And I'm ready to move on too, and see other things. My parents really want me to get away for school and experience new things, new people."

Lastly, do you have any leaders, and do you see your recruitment lasting until signing day?

"I've been straight-up with every coach I've spoken with. I've told them that if I come on a visit and I'm thinking ‘wow, I have to be here' I'll just commit right then. I don't have a set time to commit, just whenever it feels right. There is no timeframe, just when it hits me, like this is where I want to be for the next 4 or 5 years of my life.

"And from what I know right now, I feel like Nebraska and USC are those two schools that have everything I'm looking for. But honestly Kevin, after my talk with coach Beck yesterday, Nebraska has really jumped to my number one.

"I really like what coach Beck was telling me, because with most of these recruiters I can tell they are putting on a false act. Not to put them down, but a lot of these local schools down here are like that. But I felt different about coach Beck, I already feel I can trust him."

Ameer will be accompanied on his visit to Lincoln with his father, shortly after their visit we'll bring you an update with their thoughts on the official. So stay tuned.

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