Huskers still in pursuit

The Huskers are looking for a presence off of the edge to give pursuit. The Nebraska coaches are ‘in pursuit' at the moment for what appears to be one of their top remaining targets. The Nebraska staff was in to see him last week and will again this coming week. This Arizona commitment is pondering his future and says a final decision is coming.

Since the Holiday Bowl recruiting has started to take off some. Nebraska is back on the road and was in the home of Joe Carter this past weekend. The Nebraska staff came to visit him at home since he hasn't returned to school quite yet.

"I am still in South Carolina," Carter said. "I am still taking it easy. I head back to California on Tuesday. I start classes a little later that week."

With all of the time off over the holiday Carter has been thinking about recruiting a lot. He's wondering how much of recruiting to believe, who to believe and which team has the best plan.

"I have been thinking about recruiting a lot. I have been thinking if I trust the coaches or not and if I believe there is going to be playing time.

"I am making sure everything is in order and that there is a plan. I have been talking to the coaches at Nebraska and Arizona pretty regularly."

Nebraska was in-home with Carter and his family earlier this week. Carter knows, because Nebraska not only went to his school to see but also to his house, that they are genuinely interested in him.

"The coach from Nebraska, John Papuchis, came out to South Carolina and did an in-home. He talked to my family about everything that Nebraska had to offer. He laid a blueprint out to everything.

"They really like me. They are coming all the way out here to talk to my family about what Nebraska has to offer."

Nebraska made an impression on Carter by coming out to South Carolina and Nebraska made an impression on Carter's family when they were out there.

"My family loved Coach JP. I took him to my high school, let him meet my high school coaches and I took him around the town. He fit right in."

Carter still considers himself an Arizona commitment, but he has said that a final decision about where he will be going to school was coming. He now knows approximately when we can expect that decision.

"I really couldn't say. A couple of more weeks, maybe not even that, maybe in a week. Nebraska is coming out to see me next week. Coach JP and Coach Bo are coming out."

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