Johnson named Lifter of the Year

In a place where strength and conditioning is considered a second religion, awards recognizing such are not only respected, but those that win are heralded as well. Because everyone puts so much emphasis on improving their overall condition, the competition each year for the coveted, Lifter of the Year trophy is intense. Nebraska awarded their 2003 Lifter of the Year Award today.

Nebraska gave out their annual trophy honoring the football player perceived to have done the most in regards to bettering their overall physical shape and gave the most in getting to that point. This award is made even more special in that it's not the staff that awards this trophy, it's the players themselves. So, for the winner, it truly is special for so very many reasons and no doubt, Trevor Johnson will voice a variety of those as he is this year's winner. Every year, there is always a lot of competition for this trophy, so to receive it, you know you didn't just impress the coaches, you impressed your teammates as well.

Much of the criteria that goes into giving this award isn't just what a player did on paper, it's what a player gave in the weight room as well. That player deemed to be the most dedicated, with the most resolve and the one that earned the most respect, that's who wins this award and again, the fact that it's the players that award this, for any one that wins it, you can count on the fact that this will be one of their favorite trophies, no matter how many other trophies they win.

These were the contenders for this year's Lifter of the Year award:

JakeAndersen.jpg - 35641 Bytes Jake Andersen - OL - 6'1" - 299 lbs - Jr.

Jake Andersen continued to improve both his performance scores and his strength throughout the off-season. His Performance Index increased by over 350 points in the last year, and he recorded the highest squat on the team at 600 pounds. Jake not only gained seven pounds in the off-season, but he improved his 10-yard dash by .07 seconds, his 40-yard dash by .15 seconds, his pro agility by .16 seconds and his vertical jump by 2.5". During his career at Nebraska, Jake has consistently improved with each testing period, improving his Performance Index by nearly 600 points overall.

RyonBingham.jpg - 34331 Bytes

Ryon Bingham - DL - 6'3" - 290 lbs - Sr.

Ryon Bingham serves as a quiet leader in the weightroom. Despite battling injuries in the last couple of years, Ryon has been consistent in the weightroom, continuing to work out, even with a cast on. He is one of the most intense athletes in the weightroom, and his perseverance is evident in each workout. During his career at Nebraska, Ryon has improved his Performance Index by 485 points.

TrevorJohnson.jpg - 37414 Bytes

Trevor Johnson - RE - 6'4" - 256 lbs - Sr.

Trevor Johnson has qualified for the Record Platform by scoring over 500 points on every performance and strength test. Throughout the off-season, Trevor gained 11 pounds, improved his body composition and improved 152 points on his Performance Index. Much of this improvement was due to an improved 40-yard dash (by .06 seconds) and an improved pro agility run (by .05 seconds). His strength scores have also continued to increase, improving his hang clean by over 50 points in one year. During his career at Nebraska, Trevor has improved his Performance Index by 751 points.

PatrickKabongo.jpg - 34089 Bytes

Patrick Kabongo - DL - 6'5.5" - 318 lbs - Sr.

Patrick Kabongo has served as a very strong vocal leader on the team during winter conditioning, both in the weightroom and at conditioning. His dedication and encouragement has been intense and has served as motivation for many. Patrick improved his squat by 40 pounds and his squat points by almost 30 points during winter conditioning. Patrick has been willing to make sacrifices, particularly in his diet, and he has seen positive improvements in his body composition as a result. During his career at Nebraska, Patrick has improved his Performance Index by 522 points.

RobinMiller.jpg - 35655 Bytes

Robin Miller - IB - 5'11" - 230 lbs - Sr.

Robin Miller has improved in both the hang clean by 14 pounds and the squat by nearly 80 pounds in the last year. Robin also improved his pro agility run by .10 seconds and his vertical jump by 1" while gaining four pounds of lean body mass. Robin had the highest Performance Index on the team at the pre-winter conditioning testing in January with 2587 points. During his career at Nebraska, Robin has improved his Performance Index 568 points.

JoshSewell.jpg - 34974 Bytes

Josh Sewell - OL - 6'1.5" - 299 lbs - Sr.

Josh Sewell made tremendous improvements over the off-season, increasing his Performance Index by over 500 points. He improved his performance and points in every category, both performance and strength. His performances in the squat and hang clean both scored over 500 points, making him one of only three players to receive a Strength Index t-shirt this year. Josh gained 11 pounds of lean body mass while improving his 10-yard dash by .07 seconds, his 40-yard dash by .19 seconds, his pro agility run by .37 seconds, his vertical jump by 1.5", his squat by 94 pounds and his Strength Index by 112 points. Josh has also made excellent gains and has been very dedicated to improving his body composition this year.

ShaneSiegel.jpg - 37235 Bytes

Shane Siegel - DB - 6'2" - 218 lbs - So.

Shane Siegel has consistently scored better with each testing period. During winter conditioning, Shane improved his Performance Index by 225 points. Shane scored the highest Performance Index on the team with 2721 points this year. Shane improved his hang clean by almost 50 points, his squat by 75 pounds in the last year and his Strength Index by 172 points. One of the leanest players on the team, Shane has worked hard in the weightroom and on his diet to maintain his excellent body composition. Shane currently holds a position record for Performance Index for Defensive Backs. Shane's Performance Index score of 2721 points is the second highest ever for Defensive Backs. During his career at Nebraska so far, Shane has improved his Performance Index by 467 points.



Here's the winners from the last ten years:

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2001 - Jon Dawson

2000 - Kyle Vanden Bosch

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1996 - Jared Tomich

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