Yost set to see Lincoln

It's about this time of year that local names around the state of Nebraska start popping up as walk on candidates. Brandon Yost might be an exception though. Nebraska is still looking for a DT and while there might be a number of them that already have offers that could claim a spot in the class the spot could ultimately end up being unclaimed. Could Yost pick up an offer from The Big Red?

Nebraska could be looking at a busy few weeks of securing known commitments, trying to get additional commitments and hosting official visitors. Brandon Yost, a defensive tackle from Omaha (Nebr.) Millard West, is one player that will be Lincoln in the coming days.

Before that, the recent events that have hit Millard South have been something that Yost has had to deal with at a nearby school. He says that everyone in the area has been shaken up by the events that took place at Millard South.

"It's been a tough time," Yost said. "We are all trying to be supportive of what happened over there. Everyone is extremely shocked about it. No one would have guessed that it could happen here."

Millard West had a solid year, but definitely fell short of where they wanted to go as a team. West had what was probably their worst start to the season in the quarterfinals and ultimately it was too much to recover from.

"We didn't finish as well as we wanted to. We didn't play very well our last game. We were beat in the quarterfinals by Lincoln Southeast. We turned the ball over five times with three of those coming in the opening minutes of the game."

Yost played both ways for West, but that was a little hit and miss. Some games he was needed on the offensive side of the ball. He was a mainstay on the field on defense for West.

"I did play a little offense at tackle and fullback. I wasn't a full-time two-way guy. I played defensive tackle every game. I lined up more at the three technique. I don't know how many tackles I had, but I had 14 tackles for loss, three forced fumbles, three pass break ups and nine sacks."

Yost says that recruiting is going strong. He is holding onto some offers and is also considering a school that is still showing interest and says that if some other guys pass on their offer that he could possibly get one.

"Right now I am looking at South Dakota State, South Dakota, Nebraska-Omaha, Northwest Missouri State and Nebraska. I have offers from all of the schools except for Nebraska. They told me that they are waiting to see what happens to the other guys they have offered."

Yost is holding onto hope when it comes to the Nebraska offer, but he's not banking on it by any means.

"I guess what might happen is that if one of those guys doesn't want to pick the scholarship from Nebraska then one might come my way. I hope that happens, but I am not holding my breath on that kind of thing. Coach Barney Cotton has been the one recruiting me from Nebraska."

Yost is being pegged to play at literally every position along the offensive line except as a weak side defensive end. College coaches have told him that they like him over the center, at the three technique where he plays right now and out on the tight end at the five.

"Everyone likes me either as a nose tackle over the center as a one technique and others either like me as a defensive tackle or as a defensive tackle/defensive end. That would be moving me out to the five. It doesn't matter where they play me."

While there might not necessarily be an offer for a scholarship at Nebraska at the end of the rainbow for Yost there could be an opportunity to walk on. Yost doesn't think that the walk on route is right for him though.

"If faced with a decision to walk on at Nebraska or take a scholarship to another school I would have to take the financial assistance over a walk-on spot. I know their walk-on program is great, but I don't think that it's for me."

Yost says that he will be in Lincoln for the latter part of this weekend and into the early part of next week. He's looking forward to seeing the academic side of Nebraska and how it will help him get into a career after football.

"I am actually going to Lincoln for an official visit on January 16th and 17th. That is a Sunday-Monday visit. I want to see about the academics at Nebraska and want to see how that fits into what I want to do later in life."

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