Huskers will host kicker

The Huskers missed out on one U.S. Army All-American kicker in Niklas Sade, but they might be in line for another. Nebraska has literally been in touch with this kicker from California for over a year when the Huskers were in the Holiday Bowl playing against Arizona. Persistence and luck is paying off as this kicker is now scheduled to make his way to Nebraska for an official visit.

Matt Wile from San Diego (Calif.) Francis Parker is built a little more like a linebacker, but is actually a kicker. That's a stark contrast for Husker fans that have enjoyed the past four seasons with Alex Henery. Coach Lance Ortega has had an opportunity to work with Wile since he was in 5th grade.

"He's an All-American," Coach Ortega said. "I've had another before him, Jordan Congdon, and I have had a chance to watch film of Matt with Jordan when Matt was a sophomore and a junior and I asked Jordan if he kicked like that when he was a sophomore and he said 'Heck, I never kicked like that'."

Coach Ortega has seen some of the best, coached some of the best, and he says that he can make a pretty good comparison of Wile and an active collegiate kicker. He says that the biggest reason is because Wile and this kicker are both combo kickers.

"If I were to make a comparison to Matt I would say that he's a lot like Jeff Locke from UCLA. Both Jeff and Matt are combo guys and at UCLA Locke is asked to punt and place kick, but he could do it all. I think that Matt is the best combo guy in the nation, period."

According to Coach Ortega he thinks that Wile could punt, kick off and place kick at the next level. He's not sure if a school will want him to do all three, but if asked Wile can perform. Wile really demonstrated a huge leg in the U.S. Army All-American game when it came to kick offs. "Matt really differentiated himself nationally this year because he can punt. I think that he was 10-for-12 or 11-for-13 on field goals this year. Wile is a phenomenal field goal kicker.

"Matt has always had a plan though. He has wanted to be able to kick a new football off of a one inch tee. In high school, some kids have inflated stats. With Matt though, he's always been good in that 95th percentile, but he burst into the 98th percentile this year.

"I was so impressed by Matt's ability to kick off this past weekend in the U.S. Army All-American game. He took a brand new Adidas ball, which are rock hard, and put it four yards deep into the end zone.

"Matt has the ability to be a phenomenal place kicker, do kick offs and also do punts in college. He can do it all. As a kick off guy he can kick 65, 70 and up to 75 yards off the one inch tee right now. He can literally put them through the upright."

When Nebraska was out on the West Coast last year getting ready to play Arizona the coaching staff met up with Coach Ortega and information about Wile was exchanged. Since then Nebraska has been in touch with Wile. Wile will get a chance to now see Nebraska later this month on an official visit around the weekend of January 28th.

"It's just been a big stroke of luck for Matt and Nebraska. I met Coach John Papuchis 13 months ago on their first go round at the Holiday Bowl last year. It was then that I told him about Matt. Nebraska has been recruiting him ever since. Coach John Papuchis is just one of those coaches that are unlike most of the others. He's been very up-front with Matt and me."

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