Abdullah Seeing Red

With Nebraska looking to add one more running back, one of the top prospects left on the board is Ameer Abdullah from Homewood (AL). Ameer already had Nebraska high on his list, and after taking an official visit to Lincoln this weekend the Huskers stock continues to rise. Ameer talks about his latest visit and a potential time frame for a decision in this latest update with Big Red Report.

Ameer and his teammate Aaron Ernest arrived in Nebraska on Friday, and apparently didn't waste any time getting to know the city of Lincoln.

"We got to Nebraska pretty early, like around 2 o'clock in the afternoon. As soon as we got to the hotel we put up our bags up and hit the city of Lincoln. The first thing I wanted to do was see the stadium so we went there.

"Then I got to go hang out with coach Beck since he is my recruiting coach and would be my position coach. Then me and coach Beck went and talked to coach Pelini for awhile. Then we went on this little mini-tour of everything just too kind of show me where everything is.

"That was about it on the first day, and then we ate at Misty's that night. That place has some good food, make that great food."

What were your thoughts on seeing the stadium up-close?

"That thing looks crazy; I would love to play in it. I forgot how many years they said they had sold it out in a row, something like since the 60's I think. That just shows the kind of support there is around here for football.

"The coaches showed me some clips of game footage just so I could get an idea and I was blown away. The game day atmosphere in Nebraska is second to none. Who wouldn't want to play in front of that?

Take me through your day on Saturday.

"After we ate breakfast I met with the life/skills people and guidance counselors and Mr. LeBlanc. They went over all the academics, and laid out what my academic schedule would be if I came here. Like the hours requirements you have to meet with your study hall and everything.

"And I have to say I was impressed because academics are very important to me. I wanted to know what type of help they could provide when I'm making that transition from high school to college, and they explained everything to me. They are with you every step of the way and I really liked that about Nebraska.

"Then we went to the track meet and had lunch back at the stadium. I don't think I've ever ate so much in my life, my stomach still feels full," laughed Abdullah.

Did you get to meet coach Dobson?

"Oh yeah, I had a good long talk with the strength and conditioning coach about what they expect from their players. And all the players said they really like coach Dobson a lot. They were saying he was a guy that knows all the right buttons to push to keep you working hard."

What did you think about the football facilities?

"The best I've seen, no doubt. There was just more and more everywhere you looked. It was all close together, which was what I liked best. You don't really have to go anywhere, everything you need is right there for you."

And even though he thought all the facilities were top of the line, in his mind one or two elements of the program stood out above the rest.

"Man, Kevin, I've been to many schools like LSU, Tennessee, West Virginia and many more. I've seen a lot of locker rooms, but I haven't ever seen anything like the Nebraska locker room.

"It's just crazy, I mean, they have I Pad's on their own locker. There is like hidden doors everywhere, plenty of room, and you have to have like a password to even get in the thing. The weight room was just as impressive really, and they said they are about to add on to that and make it even bigger.

"The indoor practice facility was real sweet too. They have whatever you need really, anything you can think of they have it."

And after taking all the tours, Ameer had a chance to get to know his host, and a few other players in the program.

"P.J. Smith was my player-host. At the end of the day I went to go play basketball with him and a few other guys on the team. Collins Okafor, Alfonzo (Dennard) and Rex (Burkhead) were there and a few other players, but I can't remember their names. I liked all those guys, we had a good time together."

You said earlier that you had a meeting with Bo and coach Beck, what did the head man in Lincoln have to say?

"He just talked about their need at running back, and they are only going to bring in two in this class. Coach Bo said he liked how I play and how I can cut on a dime and just make plays. He wants to bring more speed to the program, so they can help Taylor (Martinez) and the offense make more big plays.

"I really liked what he was telling me and the direction the program is going into the Big Ten. I feel like with the offense they're bringing in, they should go into that new conference and do big things."

So the move by Nebraska to the Big Ten next year is a positive in your eyes?

"Oh yeah, there's no way that could be a negative. Don't some of those stadiums hold like 90-100,000 people? Who wouldn't want to go one the road and play in front of big crowds like that? To me that would be exciting."

What about the town of Lincoln itself, was it a place you could see yourself calling home?

"Yeah, it was. I liked the vibe of the city, it was like everything revolved around football and as a player that's the kind of environment you want to be in."

I know coach Beck made a verbal offer the other night when he had the in-home with you and your parents. What did coach Pelini say about an offer?

"He said the offer is on the table and it's on me now."

So what's next?

"I need to get home and talk to my parents. I really like Nebraska a lot. I even told my player-host, that of all the schools I've been to and all the coaches I've met, there is just something different about Nebraska.

"I mean, all the schools have the nice campuses, the nice facilities, there are good coaches everywhere. But there is just something about the people in Nebraska and around the program. The people here really care about you and they take you in like family once you come here. So that's why I really like them.

"I just need to get home and talk to my dad and give him my impressions of the visit. He already told me, in the end, this is my decision. I want to try to have my decision made in about a week."

Ameer said he was unsure if any of his other official visits would take place, that's something he'll have to think long and hard about over the next few days.

"I haven't visited USC yet, but if I commit to Nebraska I don't know if I'll make that visit. They (USC) have been recruiting me a lot longer than Nebraska so I have some ties there. But I'm really liking Nebraska a lot right now."

We'll touch base with Ameer later this week to see if he is getting any closer to a decision, until then keep checking BRR for more reports from official visitors from this past weekend, including Ameer's teammate Aaron Ernest.

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