If they offer…

The Nebraska coaching staff brought in two players from Homewood (Ala.), but only one had an offer for now. Aaron Ernest, a nationally coveted track star, is also a football star at wide receiver. Nebraska is close to giving the speedy wide receiver an offer, but is waiting on an update before they do it. If Nebraska offers what does that do for Ernest?

Aaron Ernest is back home in Homewood (Ala.) after taking a trip to Nebraska this past weekend. Ernest came away very impressed with the trip to Nebraska this past weekend.

"We got back today around 4:00," Ernest said. "The trip was great. Everything went well. I liked the coaches. They were more laid back then I thought they would be. The players were cool. No egos on the team. They are a family."

Ernest said that he got to hang out with a lot of players and part of that was because they got together to play some basketball this weekend. He said that two Nebraska players can really play some basketball too.

"I hung out with Collins Okafor who is a running back and P.J. Smith who is their starting safety. We also played basketball with Rex Burkhead. He's a freak. He can windmill dunk. It's crazy.

"Rex and Alfonzo Dennard are both good ball players. Both are less than 6-foot tall and both can dunk easily. Dennard can just about take off from the free throw line and dunk. Whatever you want him to do he can."

The visit got a perfect score of Ernest and he said that he couldn't think of anything about the visit that he wishes was any better. "The visit to Nebraska was a "10", no doubt. From start to finish it was cool. Everything went perfect. There really wasn't anything that could have been better."

The issue of the offer seems to be pending for Ernest from Nebraska. The Husker staff is apparently waiting word on the academic standing of their commitments and one might have to go to JUCO. If that happens, Ernest could get that offer.

"I didn't get an offer yet, but they have a player that they are waiting for an update on with his grades and they will offer me if he's in bad shape. He might have to go to JUCO."

A Nebraska offer could go a long way for Ernest. In fact, if that offer came through he said that the offer would be at the top with another offer to run track. However, playing football is something that he's talked about for a long, long time.

"Really, if Nebraska offers that puts them at the top. It will be them and LSU for track. Those will be the top two choices if they offer. I know that Ameer and I have been talking about playing football together since our freshman year."

Running track is something that Ernest is exceptional at doing. He said that while in Lincoln this weekend he was able to make it to an indoor meet and spoke to the Nebraska track coaches which game their approval to him running track if he came to Nebraska.

"Nebraska is telling me that I can play football and run track. I actually went to an indoor track meet. The track coaches said that they would allow me to run track. Their indoor facility is great with the hydraulic track.

"More than likely I would probably do the 100m, 200m, 4x100m and long jump. My best 100m time has been a 10.47. I was told that Nebraska could use some speed on the outside at football."

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