Virgile re-set to see Nebraska

It was probably disappointing for Nebraska when Keeon Virgile didn't make it in for a visit this past weekend. Virgile however has since rescheduled his visit and has updated Big Red Report about why he missed the first weekend, who is his recruiting contact now at Nebraska since Mike Ekeler left and what he's looking forward to about his trip to Nebraska.

Keeon Virgile was supposed to be in Lincoln this past weekend, but he had to put the Nebraska trip on hold. There was another opportunity for Virgile this past weekend that he didn't want to miss and a family member wanted to go with him to Nebraska as well.

"I had an all-star game," Virgile said. "It was the Broward County All-Star game presented by Under Armour. I wanted to play in that. Plus, my dad wants to go and we needed a more affordable flight. I am coming back up this Friday."

Virgile was originally being recruited by Mike Ekeler who has since left Nebraska to become the co-Defensive Coordinator at Indiana. Virgile has spoken with two of the current coaches at Nebraska since Coach Ekeler left.

"Since Coach Mike Ekeler left I have been talking to Tim Beck and Carl Pelini. I know that Coach Ek left and since then Coach Beck has been recruiting me. I spoke to the defensive coordinator, Carl Pelini, today and he gave me my flight information."

There isn't anything specific that Virgile has heard about Nebraska that he needs to see for himself. Instead he wants to just have a good time on his trip to Nebraska and also get a chance to talk to a current linebacker who is at Nebraska.

"I just want to have a good time and enjoy myself on the trip. There really isn't one thing that I want to see, but I would like to get a chance to talk to Lavonte David still since he's from around here and he's in Lincoln. I just want to check it all out."

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