Things are moving quickly

Arrington Jenkins has been tabbed the fastest rising recruit in the nation right now and they might not be wrong. After this weekend, and since just the first weekend in January, Jenkins will have taken four official visits and he has a fifth next week. It's all part of a process that has come late to Jenkins, but better late than never.

Things are crazy according to Arrington Jenkins. Jenkins, a linebacker from Miami (Flor.) Coral Park, says he gets 60 phone calls a day. It's crazy, but he's happy about it.

"I am happy about this," Jenkins said. "It came late. I am happy for it though. I deserve it. The work has finally started to pay off. It's better late than never.

"It's crazy and stressful. There are a lot of phone calls and talking about my college decision with family and friends. I have been getting over 60 calls a day."

Coral Park went 5-5 and opposing teams needed to keep an eye out for Jenkins. He played both ways and lined up at a number of positions on offense and defense.

"I played offense and defense for my team this year. I played a little running back, mostly fullback, some tight end and a little slot receiver. I also did some pulling guard.

"On defense I played middle linebacker or outside linebacker. I did play some defensive end, but nothing with my hand on the ground. I am more comfortable sliding in and confusing the quarterback."

While Jenkins did see a lot of time on offense he is being recruited to play on defense at the next level, but at a variety of positions. He is hearing middle and outside linebacker as well as rover.

"I am being recruited to play either middle linebacker or rover at the next level. Illinois likes me outside. Florida State, Minnesota and Nebraska like me as a middle linebacker.

"Nebraska lost one of their middle linebackers for part of the season last year and they moved another one to defensive end. So, they like me as a middle linebacker."

Jenkins went to Florida State the first weekend of the month, Minnesota last month, he has Illinois and Nebraska this weekend and then it's onto West Virginia. Jenkins is seeing a lot of the country this month.

"I just went to Minnesota last weekend and I am going to Illinois and Nebraska this week, two in one week, because it's getting close to signing day and I want to have some time after all of my trips.

"I will go to Illinois on the 20th, Nebraska on the 23rd and I am looking at going to West Virginia on the 28th. The trip to West Virginia isn't completely set up yet. They said that they will get back to me next week."

One school that is absent from the official visit list possibilities for Jenkins is Miami. Jenkins says that things are stepping up with them, but he really wants to play for a school that wants him and doesn't miss on someone and then offers him.

"Miami is there and they are coming around. They really haven't talked to me yet about things. I don't have an offer yet from them. I don't know. I hear they play last minute games.

"I want a school to want me for me and not for me because they need someone at the last minute. If they got who they want then I will go to someone who wants me. I am not someone backups plan."

The biggest thing for Jenkins and picking out a school is fitting in. It's likely that he might be going a little distance away from home so he wants a school to show how they take are of their players while he's on his trip.

"I am looking for somewhere I can fit in at. I want to look for a school that takes care of their players with tutoring and tries to make their players feel comfortable."

One thing you might notice about the teams that Jenkins just saw and will see over the next couple of weeks is that it will be considerably cooler there than in Miami. The cold doesn't bother Jenkins though.

"The climate change isn't anything. I am a striker. I like to strike. My energy stays flowing and I stay hyper so if I actually get cold then something is wrong with me."

Jenkins said that the first two trips have been solid trips. "I thought that Minnesota was great. I loved Minnesota. That could be the place for me. I also liked Florida State a lot. They have a great staff. I like their defense."

Nebraska has been teaming up to get Jenkins to consider Lincoln. He said that Nebraska has a legitimate chance to land him, but he is going to take all of his visits before making a decision.

"Coach Tim Beck and Carl Pelini have been recruiting me from Nebraska. I just want to go there and see if I fit in to see if it's the right place for me. Nebraska is where every other school is on my list. They are on it. I will see where they stand after all of my visits."

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