Abdullah says Nebraska a perfect fit

Nebraska gets their latest commit, a standout athlete from the state of Alabama. We caught up with Ameer about his decision.

For Nebraska, picking up another running back in this class was a must. And after hosting one of their top prospects at the position last weekend, Nebraska coaches got the call today they've been waiting on.

"I just called coach Beck like 30 minutes ago and committed," said Abdullah. "He was excited to get the good news. Then he put us on a three-way (conversation) with Coach Pelini and I told him I was ready to be a Husker. I think they were both in Ohio recruiting, but weren't together when I called. So he put us on three-way so I could tell coach Pelini the good news."

Ameer, who goes by the nickname "Deuce", said he felt a mixture of relief and elation after making the commitment.

"I just didn't think it was right to keep dragging this out if I know where I want to go. But people need to realize these are hard decisions we as high school players have to make. I mean, if you would have told me I was going to Nebraska two months ago I would have said ‘yeah right'.

"Here I was just a kid trying to feel my way through the recruiting process and I get the late offer from a school like Nebraska. But I had schools like USC and others starting to come at me hard, so that makes the decision that much harder.

"Now I'm just so relieved its over, I feel like the pressure is off my shoulders now. Every day I've got all these people calling me asking ‘where are you going' or ‘when are you going to commit', it gets old. It is exciting at first, but it gets old quick too. I'm just glad I've made my decision and I feel comfortable with it."

What was it about Nebraska that put them over the top?

"It wasn't just one thing, it was everything. They have the fans, the facilities, the academics, the coaches and the tradition. I tried to find a negative and couldn't, that's when I knew I had to go to Nebraska.

"There was a lot of pressure around here from people to stay local, but in the back of my mind I knew I had to leave here for school. I'm ready to move away and grow up on my own, and I want to do it in Nebraska."

Ameer also said he has one major goal his first year in college, to play as a true freshman.

"Coach Beck even told me I need to come in and be ready to contribute. He said they want to get my speed on the field early and that sounded good to me. I feel like I can help that team next year too, whether that's at running back, in the slot, returning kicks or lined up in the wildcat. Whatever the coaches want, I'm ready for the challenge.

"But they also told me I won't be given anything, I'll have to come in and earn it."

How solid is this commitment? Will any other visits take place or are you done?

"After I committed to coach Pelini it was over. I don't go back on my word, my family raised me better than that. I know I made the right decision, no other school can compare to Nebraska."

Do you have any message for Husker Nation?

"I guess there's really only one thing left to say … Go Big Red!"

I think Husker fans would agree.

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