Virgile comments on Nebraska

The Nebraska staff is trying to put the finishing touches on the 2011 class and one of the biggest voids remaining is a spot at linebacker. Keeon Virgile was in Lincoln this past weekend and came away pretty impressed. What did Virgile rate the visit to Nebraska and when does he plan on making a decision?

Keeon Virgile was getting ready to leave the hotel for the airport, but he says that getting out might be a problem. There was a bit of a storm getting in, but he missed most of that. He might not be that lucky today.

"It could be tough," Virgile said. "Getting in was OK on Saturday. However, I have heard that I might have some troubles getting back home today."

Virgile said that he had a good visit while he was in Lincoln. He was able to get out and see just about everything on campus and saw most of the town too.

"The visit was good. I got a chance to pretty much see everything. I saw most of the town too, especially downtown."

If there was one thing that stood out the most to Virgile while on his visit to Nebraska it was the facilities. He said that in particular it was the weight room and locker room.

"I really like the facilities here at Nebraska. They are some of the biggest facilities I have seen so far and I had seen some pretty big ones already."

Nebraska is currently in the process of replacing their linebacker coach and no insight into a replacement hire was offered to Virgile. Coach Tim Beck has stepped up to help out in recruiting Virgile in the meantime.

"I was really with all of the coaches all weekend, not just Tim Beck. I also spent a lot of time with one of their recruiting assistants and he was able to answer all of my questions."

Virgile came away impressed with the visit to Nebraska and said that the visit compared favorably to one of his previous official visits. He did say that if something could be better while he was in Nebraska it would have been the weather.

"The Nebraska visit was almost even with the trip to North Carolina. I would say that the visit was about an "8". If anything could have been better it would be the weather. I am not used to the cold."

Despite the weather being a bit of a black cloud over the experience at Nebraska Virgile says that he could see himself at Nebraska. A decision is coming soon, but he's not sure when. He will need to get home and talk things over with his coach.

"I could definitely see myself going here. I don't know when I will make my decision. I need to get back and talk to my coach about all of that."

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