Late offer finishes official visit in Lincoln

A late development in the recruiting process, Nebraska went looking for one and found another. Robert Lockhart, a wide receiver out of West Boca Raton High School in Florida, just took an official to see the Huskers. This late in the game, do the Huskers have a shot?

It was a visit Nebraska took to West Boca Raton High School to see a kicker, that being Mauro Bondi, who will take an official to Nebraska tomorrow. In that visit, though, the Husker coaches got to look at the film of 6-1.5, 185 lbs. wide receiver, Robert Lockhart.

A standout playmaker for the Bulls this last season, Lockhart estimated he had around 10 touchdowns on offense as he caught approximately 30 balls for 650 yards. And Lockhart said that he did it a lot of ways, but his best way is when he gets his shot to go get it where others can't. "I think of myself as an all around guy, but I think my biggest strength is being able to go up and get the ball at its highest point," he said.

The Nebraska coaches obviously would agree, as they saw his film one day and he had an offer not long after. It is what prompted this late visit in the recruiting process.

And now that he's visited the Huskers, who are among nine teams now Lockhart has said have offered him? "It was great. I enjoyed every part of the visit. I heard that their facilities were really nice and they are. But I also liked getting to talk to the coaches," he said.

It would be hard to call Defensive Line Coach John Papuchis as his primary recruiter, seeing as he has only recruited Lockhart for a couple of days. But technically, that's about the way it is.

Among the players Lockhart got a chance to meet was fellow Floridian Brion Carnes, who told him that when it comes to the cold, he'd get used to it just as Carnes said he did. "Yeah, it's pretty cold here, but cold won't play into my decision."

Distance also isn't an issue for Lockhart, who will be visiting Virginia Tech tomorrow. They play in the ACC, but Nebraska being in the Big Ten only helps their cause, because it plays to one of the big criteria for him. "I want to play against the best competition. Staying close isn't really an issue for me," he said. "But at Virginia Tech I have a couple of friends that go there, and I know a lot of guys from my area have done well up there."

You'd probably assume, if you were a Husker fan, that pulling a kid out of Florida this late in the game when other schools like Virginia Tech have been recruiting him for a couple of months – the odds just aren't in their favor.

It's impossible to know right now how that will play out, but Lockhart said that what he experienced in Lincoln was more than enough to put Nebraska in with the rest of the group. "It's right up there. It was everything I thought it would be, and it's definitely a place I could see myself playing for the next four years," he said. "I'll make my trip to Virginia Tech, and then I will head home and I'll probably make my decision on signing day."

When asked to rate the visit between 1 and 10, even the cold couldn't detract from what Lockhart said was an ideal experience. "It was a 10. I don't know there is anything I would change. It's what I thought it would be," he said.

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