Huskers get their man at kicker

The last weekend for official visitors can be called a success. A void that everyone saw in the class at the kicker spot has finally been filled. Mauro Bondi from Boca Raton (Flor.) West Boca Raton took a trip after committing to Wake Forest just a week before to Lincoln. Bondi becomes the 18th known verbal in the class for 2011 for Nebraska.

Getting a hold of Mauro Bondi in Nebraska was a bit of a challenge and he was warned about it. Even the Nebraska coaches said going into the weekend to expect some issues with his cellular provider.

"I was having some phone issues in Lincoln," Bondi said. "I missed phone calls from everyone, even my parents, and I am just getting back to everyone after my first flight to Atlanta."

Bondi is heading back home after taking an official visit to Nebraska this past weekend. Bondi enjoyed his time in Nebraska and really liked that the players backed everything up that the head coach was trying to sell Bondi with.

"The visit was awesome. The coaching staff, the facilities and the players all stand out to me about the visit. It really was a tremendous visit all the way around.

"I got to hang out with a variety of players when it comes to their class and positions and they all told me the same thing that coaching staff said about how things run around there.

"That is that things are black and white with Bo Pelini and there is no wondering about what is going on. That is one of the biggest reasons why I decided to commit to Nebraska."

Last week Bondi wasn't sure if he would even visit Nebraska. He didn't like the predicament, but knew that he needed to see another place to make sure he was doing the right thing.

"I know that I really struggled last week with either taking or not taking this trip, but I knew that I couldn't limit myself. I was offered to take the trip and had to see."

Bondi did say that while he told Nebraska he was coming to Lincoln that he also did make the call to Wake Forest to tell them he was changing his commitment. "Yes, that was a difficult phone call to make."

West Boca Raton has a signing day ceremony at their school on Wednesday and Nebraska might be getting two from the high school and not just one. Word is that Robert Lockhart, who visited Nebraska earlier in the week, is also favoring the Huskers.

"We have a signing day press conference on Wednesday at our school at 10:30 that morning. I have texted him about 100 times over the weekend and I am hearing the same things that you are hearing about him favoring Nebraska."

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