Help Wanted: Offensive Coordinator

Bo Pelini may not be saying anything. And there may be no word coming from anyone else at the University. But per rules, when looking for someone to fill a position, you need to advertise. Well, looks like UNL is advertising for an O.C.

Well, if the speculation already didn't have a freight train's worth of momentum when it comes to Offensive Coordinator Shawn Watson being gone, an advertisement by the University looking for an O.C. probably gives you a pretty good idea.

The offensive performance of the team for the last three years could be considered one's justification for Watson not being at Nebraska anymore. The fact that he wasn't at the Husker recruiting dinner this year should have been a Texas-sized flag waving for all to see.

But now this?

Yep, I can almost hear the late-great Dan Meredith singing his musical tag line following the conclusion of another Monday Night Football game.

So, as fans are now no doubt moving on, they are wondering who to move on too.

Speculation continues to have former Husker quarterback and current receivers coach for Oregon, Scott Frost as either an assistant coach or potentially that as well as a Co-OC position. Another name which seems to be picking up steam is Notre Dame offensive line coach Ed Warriner. Where's he from? Ohio, of course, which almost makes him a shoo-in to be at the very least, a candidate for a job at Nebraska.

Warriner was also at Kansas during their magical run under former Head Coach Mark Mangino, which just happened to be around the same time Husker running backs coach Tim Beck was there.

But those are names which will no doubt join lots more names as the speculation runs rampant as to who, when, where....

But at least with the offense, I don't think anyone will ask why.


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