A Q&A with Eric Hagg

He was one of Nebraska's most versatile athletes, part safety, part corner, part linebacker and he even had a special teams return for a touchdown as well as leading the team in interceptions. But just where will he go in the draft? Big Red Report sat down with Eric Hagg, and talked about the process from the Senior Bowl up to the Draft. Enjoy this Q&A.

Q: Was the senior bowl exciting

A: It was really cool. It was really tiring, but cool

Q: Take me through that process

A: It's just like our practices, but a little more fast tempo. We got off the field a little quicker. Like warm up to cool down it was just an hour and a half. We did drills differently. It was just different. And between drills, we did other sessions. There are no breaks between anything. It was just really fast.

Q: Any drills that were particularly difficult?

A: No, not really. I mean, Coach Sanders had drills he knew and he liked to do. And this coach, he was the guy from the Cincinnati Bengals, he just did drills he liked to do. So, it was just different. It was a lot about the same stuff I learned at Nebraska like opening up, back pedaling and all that. But it was just a different way of doing it.

Q: I know  there is a lot of teaching that goes on in these things as coaches may spot something you need to work on. Was there anything in particular they were saying to you?

A: Yeah, they were telling me I need to stay lower, put my chest over my toes and keep my butt lower, because I am a taller guy. I just need to stay lower, because I would pop up in my drills and stuff like that.

Q: Were they were working you in run support, pass coverage, both or how did all that go?

A: Well, I was just playing safety, so there wasn't really a lot on coverage. The biggest difference always is just learning their terminology, and the way they want you to play. All we did here is press and play man to man. Out there it was so basic, you can't really install everything, because there was just a week. There was some man, but it was mostly cover three, and we weren't allowed to press. That was pretty hard to get used to.

Q: Any surprises as far as the competition?

A: Titus Young, he's a really good receiver. The way he was, how quick he was and how quick he could get out of his routes, I was impressed with him the most. But when it comes to everyone, the speed wasn't so hard to adjust to, because I think we have a lot of fast guys in the Big 12. Everybody is fast. What was hard to get used to was just playing their drills and trying to get all that down in a week.

Q: Anything that strike you as odd or just something interesting as you are getting ready for the combine?

A: Not so far. I kind of know how the process goes, because I have been doing it for awhile. The forty is always big though. Actually, the one thing that is interesting is how the combine is set up. I hear that you have all these tests, interviews, MRIs and that's even before you do the physical stuff.

Q: Is the mental challenge interesting for you?

A: I am looking forward to it, but I also wouldn't mind if it was over before it begins. It's going to be a really, really good experience, I think. So, you need to go in with the right mind set. I hope, anyway.

Q: As far as this early in the process, do you have any idea who is looking at you or where you might go?

A: I don't have a clue. At the Senior Bowl, there were a lot of scouts, but they just wanted your information. So, I don't know anything about that stuff.

Q: Have you and Prince been pretty tight through this?

A: Me, him and Roy are all kind of busy, but we have communicated here and there. And I saw Roy out there at the Senior Bowl and talked to him a lot.

Q: I heard he did really well.

A: Yeah, he did really well.

Q: Does it surprise you that some wonder about his versatility?

A: If they do, I don't know what they are watching. I know how fast and explosive he is. If they watch his game film, they should see it. I'd hope.

Q: Who are you training with?

A: I am training here in Nebraska with Coach Dobson. I know what he's going to do, and I am just comfortable with how everything is going.

Q: When is the last time you ran a forty?

A: It's been forever. We don't really run forties here.

Q: When you watch the combine, it seems like that particular test can be a deal breaker. Do you look at it like that?

A: I know they want you to run as fast as you can. I don't know if it's make or break. But you have to do well.

Q: What's your best forty ever?

A: I ran a high 4.5 in high school

Q: You faster now?

A: I better be

Q: Is this whole thing fun to you?

A: It's great. I mean, it's overwhelming, but who wouldn't want to go through this? It's a great opportunity.

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