Boehm a big one for 2012

Just as quickly as one recruiting season is over, another begins. And one of the big names which has already been talked about on end is that of offensive lineman, Evan Boehm. He might be the hottest line prospect in this region of the country. And at least for now, he has a tentative top five.

It won't be until August 1st this year when Missouri prep offensive lineman Evan Boehm can receive his first offer in writing.

That will be joined by at least nine others.

10 is the count right now, those who have offered him verbally with the promise that come the first day they are allowed to give him one in writing, they Will Do so. Stands to reason that the mailbox will be a bit full that day.

Pretty much like any other.

"We have one slot on this wall of mailboxes, but we could probably take up about 10. That thing gets pretty packed, and I haven't even gotten any media guides yet," said Boehm, who will almost certainly be one of the top line prospects in this region of the country this year.

The schools which he knows or at least, has been told he'll have an offer when that day comes, are Nebraska, Oklahoma, Missouri, Iowa, Arkansas, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, Northwestern and Wisconsin.

Of that list, Boehm already said he an early top five. But this is just a list of those schools he plans on checking out this Summer, for a day. "It's just a plan to get more familiar with the schools, and the list of schools right now I have are Nebraska, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Iowa," said the 6-3, 285 lbs. standout. "That list could grow depending on other schools getting in it. But those are the ones I am looking at right now."

The visit is a chance to get familiar with the teams. But for a few of them Boehm is already very familiar. You can imagine Missouri is at the top when it comes to know how much he knows about the program. Add to that his mom being an alum of Missouri and both his parents at one point living within half an hour of Columbia, the home of the Tigers.

Boehm knows a lot about Nebraska, too, as he has unofficially visited there as well as having an interesting connection right there on his own Lee Summit (West) team. "Our offensive coordinator (Derek Howard) was the head coach at North Kansas City High, and during that time, Carl Pelini, the defensive coordinator for Nebraska, was an assistant of his," he said. "So, I know them, and I have talked to coach (Barney) Cotton, Nebraska's offensive line coach.

Throw in Oklahoma as well, as Boehm said he has had ample time to learn a lot about the Sooners, and that's just the beginning of the research he's done on the programs looking hardest at him right now.

And outside of Arkansas, two conferences find themselves well represented on his list. And that begs the question about geographical presence being a factor in the recruiting game. "Well, obviously if I am going to a school in the Big 12, there are a lot more games closer which allows my family to see me play a lot more," he said. "But the Big Ten is one of those conferences that plays a lot of smashmouth football, which I love, and the competition is great top to bottom."

The goal of the Summer visits are to see if there is one school out there for him. It's to see if he gets that feeling that almost all recruits say they are hoping to get. If he does, great, that's it and he can go into his senior year as a commit to someone. If not, the recruiting process will go on.

But for Boehm, who blew up even more after his Junior All-American performance at the U.S. Army Junior Combine down in San Antonio, he likes where he's at, where he's going and whatever happens down the recruiting road, he'll take it as it comes. "I think I have progressed in my game, but there are always things I want to get better at. You are never good enough at any one thing," he said. "But I like how I use my hands and how I am able to get to the second level. But what I will be working on a lot this year is just getting off the ball as quick as i can.

"And then it's just playing the game and getting better every single game."

As for the recruiting, watching all the attention and hype that surrounds just the process, especially with kids as touted as he is, Boehm says there are worse ways to go. "I came into a lot of this not really knowing how good I was or what I could do. Kind of like down at the All-American Combine. I thought there would be some guys who would just hand it to me, and I would get better from that," he said. "But it went really well, and I faced some big guys from big name schools like St. Thomas Aquinas down in Florida. I think I did pretty well.

"With that behind me, I'm just trying to get even better. That's my goal, and hopefully see as many schools as I can during this whole process."

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