Walk-on Chronicles: Derek Slaughter

If you look up and down the walk-on list the name of Derek Slaughter stands out. Maybe not the name, not the position and not the size, but where he's from definitely does jump off the page from the others. The majority of the other walk-ons hail from Nebraska, but Slaughter is walking on from Alabama. The fact is he's walking back to Nebraska.

The list of walk-ons this year for Nebraska is impressive. One name that stands out is Derek Slaughter. Slaughter, a linebacker from Pelham (Ala.), was waiting word from some other schools before deciding to walk-on at Nebraska.

"It was probably a couple of weeks before signing day," Slaughter said. "My family and I were waiting on some other schools to make their decision about offering me or not.

"The scholarship offer that I was holding at that point was to The Citadel. UAB was recruiting me heavily and they were deciding whether to offer me or not, but they had already asked me to walk-on."

Slaughter says that it has been his dream to walk-on and play at Nebraska. He's been to Nebraska a handful of times in the past year, but his true love for Nebraska started in David City, Nebr.

"I wanted to follow my dream and walk-on at Nebraska. I visited Nebraska for the spring game and was up there for camp last summer.

"I actually grew up there in Nebraska until 5th grade. My dad is in the military and we moved away. I was born in David City. I am a born and bred Husker boy and even after I moved to Alabama my heart was always in Nebraska."

There is quite the extended family for Slaughter in the state of Nebraska still. He says that he will have quite the following once he gets there and getting tickets for all of them on a weekly basis might be tough.

"I have about 50 family members or so, all on my mom's side, back in Nebraska. I already have a lot of fan support there. I have already gotten requests for tickets."

Slaughter was actually a cornerback early in his career at Pelham. At his request he asked to change positions to see some more action and take some more hits. He moved down to linebacker and started the next two seasons.

"I am most likely going to project to play outside linebacker at Nebraska. I played cornerback as a sophomore and I decided between my sophomore and junior year that I didn't see enough contact so they moved me to linebacker.

"I started the next two years at linebacker. I'm a physical player, I like to hit, so I like stopping the run. I like to make plays and hit people. That's the part of the game that I like to do."

Slaughter has played a number of sports at Pelham. He's done everything from hockey to soccer, but this year has been different. He's focused his time this year to getting ready for college and playing football at Nebraska.

"I played hockey down here my freshman year, I have played basketball before and my sophomore year I decided to play soccer and I also played that my junior year. I am just going to work out now and get ready for Nebraska."

Just like the other walk-ons Slaughter will be heading up to Nebraska in June. He's undecided on a major, but admits that he is considering the ROTC program at Nebraska.

"I will start working out with the team on June 9th, but I will be up there on June 7th. I am looking at joining ROTC, but I am not sure yet. I am undecided on my major, but carry a 3.4 GPA."

Slaughter finished his junior season with 128 tackles, five sacks and three interceptions and he finished with over 130 tackles as a senior.

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