Walk-on Chronicles: Nathaniel Allen

Nathaniel Allen had a dream to go to Nebraska. Up to the point when he actually visited though he was a little undecided about his future. That was quickly erased as the Nebraska coaching staff rolled out the red carpet for the preferred walk-on visitors. Allen is excited about getting a chance to be a Husker.

Nathaniel Allen from Ainsworth (Nebr.) is a 6-foot-0 and 270-pound defensive tackle and he is set to walk-on at Nebraska. For Allen this has always been a dream, but it was a dream that took some convincing.

"I have always wanted to go to Nebraska," Allen said. "But, to be honest with you, I was kind of on the fence about it until we went down and had the preferred walk-on day. Pretty much right when I got there I knew I didn't want to go anywhere else."

Allen was sold quickly on the visit and it had everything to do with the people that he will be there working with when it comes to football. He was also excited about the strength coach at Nebraska.

"It was the coaches. They were all great. Coach John Papuchis was real good to me and Coach Barney Cotton, even though he wouldn't be my position coach, recruited me a lot and was great to me. Of course both Bo Pelini and Carl Pelini were great.

"Their strength coach is someone that I think that I am going to get along real well with. He has a lot of the same thoughts as I do when it comes to working with weights so I am looking forward to working with him. I want to pick his brain about getting bigger and stronger."

Call Allen a jack of all trades. He has every position along the offensive line, even lined up in the offensive backfield, saw two different positions on the defensive line and even played some linebacker. The Huskers like him with his hand in the dirt on the defensive line.

"I have played nose and defensive end in high school. I also played every position along the offensive line and fullback. I also played some middle linebacker. Nebraska is recruiting me to play defensive tackle.

"I am really flexible. I have good, explosive speed and I have pretty good endurance. I am relatively agile for a bigger guy and I can catch just about anyone in a five to ten yard radius."

Allen put those skills to good use and finished with not just the most tackles this year for Ainsworth, but also for the most tackles in a career. Allen pulled in some very nice senior year honors as a result.

"I ended up my season with the most tackles on the team. I also broke the all-time tackles record for me school over a career this year.

"I got all-district for the fourth time in a row. I was honorable mention all-state for the third time in a row too. I am on the alternate list for the Shrine Bowl."

There were a couple of offers on the table for Allen when he decided to commit to walk-on at Nebraska. He was also waiting word back on some smaller schools and what they would do for him financially.

"I already had offers from Chadron State and Northern State. I was also talking to a bunch of smaller schools that said that they were going to equal that, but they hadn't done that yet. I was getting interest from Colorado State, SMU and Iowa State."

Besides being successful on the football field Allen is also very successful on the wrestling mat. Allen is the favorite going into the state wrestling tournament to win at his weight. After wrestling he will start working out to get ready for Lincoln.

"I am wrestling right now. I am #1 in the state in my weight and class and am 32-0. That is heavyweight and Class C. After that I Will Do track. I throw shot; I made it to state last year. I will also start to workout and try and get my speed up."

Allen would like to possibly pursue a degree that would allow him to become either a teacher or a professor somewhere down the line. He carries a solid GPA and tested very well on the ACT.

"I was thinking about majoring in History. I would like to either be a history teacher or professor. I like World History, kind of European History. I have a 3.0 right now and got a 26 on my ACT."

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