Clear direction from Nebraska

There have been changes in the offensive staff, but for Tay Bender there has been a lack of attention that he has seen from Nebraska going back far before that. More than that, he has seen the depth chart at Nebraska and knows that there is a stockpile of quarterbacks. So, when Bender heard what he did today he wasn't all that surprised.

Tay Bender has been reading the tea leaves. He's seen one letter a week from Nebraska while other schools had been sending the Lincoln (Nebr.) Southwest product one letter a day. So when he spoke to the coaches at Nebraska it wasn't much of a shock.

"Yep, I am leaving right now," Bender said. "They pretty much told me that they are set at quarterback and that I should start looking into other opportunities at the other schools that are recruiting me.

"They said that it wasn't that I didn't have the talent; they actually said I could play there. It just comes down to them having too many quarterbacks on the roster currently and they don't want to waste my time at all."

This is quite the turn of events in just a year. A year ago there was talk about Bender being the first in-state quarterback prospect in some time for Nebraska. Now, it's gone to no interest at all from Nebraska.

"I kind of had the idea going into today that this was going to happen so it wasn't that big of a surprise. Since they told me that it opens up other opportunities for me. There is a business to this."

Bender isn't going to hang his head long and already has another junior day coming up the first weekend in March. Besides that he is just waiting on some junior day and camp invites that he can schedule.

"I am going to Kansas State junior day on March 5th. That is the only one that I have set up at the moment. Other than that I am just waiting on the letters from schools to come and visit a school on their junior day.

"As of this moment though I am just going to keep doing what I am doing. I am going to stay after it, keep working out and through the summer take more initiative in the process and get out to see some schools."

While Bender said in his previous story to Big Red Report that he had kind of moved on and had Nebraska in the back of his mind that has changed some. "Nebraska is pretty much not in my mind at all anymore."

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