Wolfe done with Junior Day in Lincoln

It's odd to think that a Nebraska kid, and a football prospect at that, would be seeing the University of Nebraska in earnest for the first time as they are getting ready for their senior year of prep ball. But for players like that, specifically Alma's Kai Wolfe, it makes it all that much better. Seeing everything for the first time for Junior Days in Lincoln, was a treat.

Facilities at a school that sports an eight-man football team probably aren't going to be among the best you have seen. Usually, it's a couple of barbells, one squat rack, a hip sled and maybe a nautilus or two.

Alma might be a bit better than that, as Kai Wolfe, a 6-2 7-8, 302 lbs. lineman, said that he once had an ice bath after a game. Well, kind of. "I got a couple of bags of ice and threw them in our tub at the school," he said.

It's safe to say that when you compare that with the University of Nebraska, things are a bit different. And for Wolfe, he had this to compare to Kansas, which he visited earlier this year. "It's just so massive. It was huge. But I really liked that training room," he said. "They have a hydro thing with a treadmill, ice tanks for recovery and the staff really makes an emphasis to make sure you are doing the right things, and if you are rehabbing, they make sure all the steps are covered before you step foot back on the field."

Wolfe said that during the tour, which he has obviously never taken the full one at Nebraska, his last experience there being as a freshman at a Husker camp - this was an eye opener. "Everything was great. We got to see all the facilities, talk to coaches and see how they do things for athletics and for the students. I know they emphasized to us how much they are recruiting students as well as athletes," he said. "When I talked to coach (Barney) Cotton, he just talked about his philosophy more than anything, and I really like how he approaches everything."

While Wolfe said that wasn't necessarily a visit where he was looking to see just how much Nebraska was looking at him, you can't help but wonder. And he said that through conversations he got a bit of a better idea of at least the picture when it comes to in-state linemen. "They might take two guys on the line from in-state. That was what it was sounding like. But I know they talked about the process they use and how they like to take it slow, do their evaluations and make sure they get players and students who fit what they want," he said.

On that tour as well was fell in-state lineman, Mike Shoff. While Wollfe said his conversations with him were brief, he said he heard that rumors were all over the place about Shoff having an offer from Nebraska. "He said some were saying he had one, but he said at that point he didn't," Wolfe said. "But we talked a bit, and he told me that in track he's also running the 100 and 200, which is amazing for someone that size."

Kai said that nothing has really changed for him outside of knowing alot more about the inner workings of the program than he did, which he considered one of the highlights of the trip. From the training table to the weight room to the academics, Wolfe said everything was at least as good as he thought it would be.

What he'll do now is go back to Alma and come up with questions, because he said that Cotton communicated to him that Nebraska doesn't like leaving guys hanging in regard to where they stand. So, he's going to come up with his own list of questions, give the O-Line coach a call and take it from there.

As for the visit itself, given five stars being the best, Kai said he had to rate it a four.

Why no perfect score?

"The cheesecake we had was a little hard," he said with a laugh. "Other than that, it was perfect."

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