Shoff takes in JR Day

Saturday was a big day in Lincoln. It was the first junior day with a staff that has gone through some changes. Not all of the staff was in Lincoln, but those that were there left very positive impressions on the recruits. One of those recruits was Mike Shoff. Shoff went to Lincoln looking for some time with the coaches and to talk about which position they like him at.

Possibly the top player in the state of Nebraska was in Lincoln this past weekend for junior day. Mike Shoff, a 6-foot-6 and 290-pound offensive lineman/defensive lineman from Cambridge (Nebr.) came away very impressed with the coaching staff this past weekend.

"It went very good," Shoff said. "I got to meet the new coaches there. I met the new linebacker and secondary coach. The wide receivers coach wasn't there this weekend. I also got some one on one time with Coach Bo Pelini, Coach Barney Cotton and Coach Tim Beck."

All of that face time allowed Shoff and the coaches a chance to talk about a variety of things. Most of the conversation though was about what Shoff was doing now and how he could potentially get that offer from Nebraska.

"We talked a lot about what I was doing right now, what they might need to see me do to earn a scholarship and they just wanted me to know that they were very interested in me."

Shoff had long said that he thought he was a better defensive lineman than offensive lineman, but in our last story he did say that potentially he might be better on offense. The Nebraska staff gave Shoff a definitive answer where they liked him on Saturday.

"They like me as an offensive lineman for sure. What they didn't know is if they like me as an offensive guard, center or even out at tackle. They said that I was athletic enough to do all three and I have played all three before."

The news wasn't surprising to Shoff and he also has come around to doing what's best for the team when it comes to what position he plays. "Not playing offense or defense doesn't matter to me at all. I will play wherever the team needs me to play. I will play anywhere. I don't care."

Shoff has said that the relationship that he's developed with Coach Cotton has been very good. He said that there was a long conversation with his potential position coach on Saturday and said that it went very well.

"Me and Coach Cotton have really started a good relationship and we talked about all sorts of things today. We talked about wrestling, track and life stuff. We talked about fishing and things like that. We also talked about going to camp this summer. It was more of a personal conversation."

Last summer Shoff was set to go to camp in Lincoln, but an unfortunate knee injury kept him out and has possibly kept him from getting a Nebraska offer to this point. Barring another setback Shoff says that he will be in Lincoln for camp this summer.

"I will be going to summer camp at Nebraska for sure this year unless something happens to me like it did last year. I'll be there. Beyond Nebraska's camp I will be going to junior day at Kansas State next weekend and this summer I will go to Iowa for camp."

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