A Celebration of the Husker Nation

Unity is said to be the biggest intangible when it comes to great teams. That togetherness each feels with the other that truly puts everyone on the same page, heading in the same direction. Today, Athletic Director, Steve Pederson announced that the unity NU fans are used to seeing on the field, they can become used to seeing off the field as well as Pederson is bringing former players back together as has never been before.

The Celebration or the Husker Nation as it has been called by A.D., Steve Pederson is the efforts of the University to bring old players back into the fold. This effort is not only meant to be symbolic, but emphatic as well. Plus, it's also another way the A.D. states to give yet more back to those that have given so much. "We ask people to drive 7 hours to come see a game. I think it's time we drove back there to say thanks."

The "Husker Nation Tour" is a tour designed to hit various cities around the state with former players as designated captains. Amongst those are former Husker greats, Tom Ruud, Keith Jones, Don Fricke and Tommie Frazier. Coaches and staff will tour these towns, giving speeches and again, saying thanks as Pederson looks to recognize all

Former Husker, Don Fricke talks about up-coming event

the individuals that have made the "whole" as successful as it is. "That's why I was so happy when I knew Steve was coming back." former linebacker, Tom Ruud said. "He's doing a lot for the state, because he's from here."

That connection seems to be felt amongst the other players as well, but of these players, this is only a smattering of what Pederson is trying to put together. On Aug. 30th of this year, the University of Nebraska plans to hold what could possibly be the largest single gathering of former players from one school ever put together as the University has sent out over 1,000 invitations to former lettermen for NU, asking them to be part of a parade, where the players would walk down Stadium Drive, into the stadium, all wearing authentic Husker jerseys, each with their respective name and number when they were playing for NU.

For a former All-American, Heisman Trophy candidate and two-time national championship winner, this entire time is significant as he is coming back to his roots,

Tommie talks about "being back" and hints about having "a plan".

so to speak. "It's special coming back to a place after having been gone for years, to a place where it basically all started for me." Tommie Frazier said. Frazier also recognizes not just the significance of this most recent announcement, but of Pederson himself, stating that he thought former players would now find a more welcome voice to a place where they once played. "There are former players that said that the doors weren't always open for them." Frazier stated. "These are the same guys that had a lot of blood on the field and for opportunities to get tickets or whatever not to be there, that's sad."

"Now that Steve is here, those opportunities will be there for them."

The Husker Nation Tour will hit 15 cities over the mid-summer:

Hastings - Fremont - Valentine - North Platte - Scottsbluff - Grand Island - Norfolk - Columbus - South Sioux City - Blair - Lexington - Kearney - Fairbury - Beatrice - Nebraska City

The parade that will see the largest amount of former Huskers ever to gather at one

Keith Jones addresses his support for "Steve" and his new plan for NU

event, is slated to walk down Stadium Drive, following the Husker marching bad and will be on field level for a pregame ceremony as NU gets set to open the season and the conference schedule as they host the Oklahoma State Cowboys.




All this is an event unlike anything any Husker has ever seen. "This has never been done before." Tom Ruud stated. "This shows what Steve wants to do and I am just excited to be a part of it. I think everyone should be because this is something pretty special."

As Pederson stated that the University has sent invitations to all the letterman they were able to contact, that doesn't mean however that they have contacted them all, so any letterman that hasn't received this invitation should contact the Sports Information

Tom Ruud talks about his excitement behind the new plans from NU

Office at 402-472-2263 to update their address.

If you wish to attend any one of the events in this year's "tour", these are the people to contact in those respective areas.





Dick Jeffers


North Platte

Peggy Oltmans


Scotts Bluff

Trish Green


Grand Island

Orv Qualsett



Mike Siemsglusz



Roger Brown


South Sioux City

Pat Anderson



Mike Mines


Rita Wilkens



Tony Niday



Lou Kully



Eric Brown



Wayne Garrelts



Tom Roode



Paul/Marline Garnett


Nebraska City

Mary Gerdes


Scott Porter



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