JR receiver visits Nebraska

It wasn't a big junior day for Nebraska, but bigger isn't always better. This particular visitor actually liked the smaller, quainter junior day weekend that allowed him to not be a number or a statistic and rather be somebody on the visit. He stood out anyway as being the only wide receiver in town last weekend. What did he think about Nebraska?

There weren't a lot of people in Lincoln for junior day, but Elliot Faerber enjoyed the extra attention that the visitors did get. Faerber, a 6-foot-4 and 190-pound receiver from Shawnee Mission (Kans.) East, said this was his second time in Lincoln in the past four or five months.

"I was there on Saturday," Faerber said. "It was really fun; I really enjoyed it. I really enjoyed that there was like only 25 or so guys. You got a lot more attention last weekend than at a lot of other junior days.

"Nebraska had been sending me letters asking me to attend their junior day. I have been to Nebraska before. I visited Lincoln for the Colorado game last year."

While there were less than 30 in Lincoln this past weekend there was also just one receiver. Faerber received even more attention for that simple reason, but he didn't share it with the receivers' position coach.

"I was the only receiver there this past weekend. So, once we got to break out into groups the wide receiver coach was out of town last weekend. There was an intern there and I liked that one on one attention.

"I kind of wish that Coach Rich Fisher would have been there last weekend. Nebraska's first junior day was pretty selective. I just think that they do things right at Nebraska."

Faerber is in a little bit of a wait and see mode with Nebraska when it comes to committing to a camp. He said that he is going to gauge the interest of the other schools and camp at the schools that show the most interest. He will also camp at some schools he just wants to see.

"It just really depends. They said that their recruiting process takes a while to get to know the person. I am going to go to the camps where I feel the schools have the most interest in me.

"After those camps I will consider going to camps at schools where I just really want to go. That would be schools that I just want to give a try. Nebraska might be one of those schools."

Nebraska will get to host Faerber again for camp this summer if they continue to show interest according to Faerber. "If throughout the spring they show a lot of interest in me then it won't be hard for me to decide to visit them. If they show interest in me then of course I will go up there for camp."

Faerber had a solid junior year. He says that one of the reasons he was so successful is because he can track the ball well in the air, particularly on long routes. He has a big body to go up and get the ball, but also makes a lot of plays on shorter routes.

"Last year I had 43 receptions for 799 yards and six touchdowns. I would say that I track the ball well. I am a bigger receiver and I like longer passes. I can go up for the ball well. Also, I think that I have a good ability to make people miss. I am a big receiver, but I catch a lot of screens."

Besides Nebraska there are a lot of schools that are showing interest in Faerber. He has recently received a lot of interest for his junior film from schools.

"I am getting some things from Kansas State, Illinois, Northwestern, Texas State, Oklahoma State, Minnesota, San Diego State, TCU and Colorado State. Most of those schools just recently requested film on me."

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