Darboh now up to seven and counting

Amara Darboh is already becoming one of the hotter receiver prospects in the midwest. That's saying something as this group features superstars such as Dorial Green-Beckham. But with the offers rolling in, Darboh is looking to the future, both interested, but with a lot of patience.

One thing about Amara Darboh which might stick out to you if you see enough film or something he'll proudly tell you if asked, he can block. Darboh isn't your average prep star at the wideout position, who gets into college thinking blocking is a term used in journalism.

He actually likes to block.

"I take pride in it. I think that makes me different than some, because I read about guys who say they don't want to go someplace they have to block," Darboh said. "And I know that no matter where you go, you are going to have to block. So, you might as well get used to it now."

To date he's got eight offers, the most recent coming from Florida. It's a growing list that now that basketball is done, he'll probably start going over a bit more. But nothing too dramatic, as Darboh says this process might last some time. "I haven't really given recruiting much thought. I have done some camps and stuff just to see where I am at and show what I can do. But I haven't really thought about specific favorites or anything," he said.

Nebraska was one of the camps Darboh attended last year. A came he particularly liked, because like Iowa and Iowa State, where he also attended camp, Nebraska's was padded.

Well, the shoulder pads anyway.

Darboh liked that, because it allowed the coaches to see him do something that you might think would come in handy as knowledge about a potential receiver for the future. "I got to show them how I could catch with pads on. Not everyone can catch as well with pads on as they can off, because there's no restriction of movement," he said. Darboh said he's also been to camps at Northwestern and Notre Dame.

Amara said he wasn't absolutely certain about his camps this year, though, he said Nebraska might still be a possibility. With the recent coaching change at that position for the Huskers, if the Huskers have any hope of staying the battle, the two parties will have to become more familiar with each other not long down the line.

But when it comes to the offense, because Darboh has already outlined his penchant for blocking, the type of offense any program runs isn't going to be chief amongst his criteria. "The school is first. The football program is second. What they are all about is up there, too. The offense matters a little, but I like to think of myself as someone capable of doing about anything," said Darboh who averaged close to 14 yards per reception last year as he scored six times for Dowling High School (West Des Moines, IA).

At 6-2 and 200 lbs., what you see of Darboh from a physical standpoint, is probably not what is going to look like when he first steps on the field for whatever college he chooses. It's different nowadays when he, along with three other players on his football team, went right into basketball before they had a chance to even sit down. Having just one sport to concentrate on in the future will be nice, as Darboh sees one of his challenges as just getting bigger. "I want to put more muscle on, but it's hard when you go right from football into basketball,' he said. "It's kind of hard to add any muscle during that."

You can imagine that there are no favorites, and while the most ideal situation for Darboh would be to play closer to home, he said that if there is a program that fits him he'll go there no matter where it is. And with a 3.3 GPA, his academics are right on pace. Now, what he wants to do this year, even knowing that recruiting could get crazy, is be the leader for his team that they had last year when they went all the way. "Our leaders paved the way for everyone, and it was that leadership that was the biggest reason we won the state title last year," he said. "I want to be one of those leaders this year, because I know how important it is to making sure everyone is going the same direction.

"If you don't have leaders, you are just out there playing, and teams that are like that don't win titles. The ones with leaders to."

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