Walk-on Chronicles: Tyson Broekemeier

It's run in the family for the Broekemeier's, but it almost didn't. Going to Nebraska wasn't a slam dunk idea for Tyson Broekemeier. Sure, it sounded great, but he knew what came along with walking on at Nebraska: loans. Broekemeier decided that it was better to come out in the hole temporarily then to wonder forever if he could have played at Nebraska.

The last name of Broekemeier is one that Husker fans became familiar with late in the season last year when Joe emerged as a receiving target late in the season. Brother Tyson Broekemeier will be following in his big brother's footsteps down to Lincoln as a walk-on quarterback.

"My dad was kind of in touch with Jeff Jamrog for a while," Broekemeier said. "There was a day in January for potential walk-ons and they said that day I had a spot. I had a spot all the way up to signing day."

Broekemeier just about needed ever minute of his allotted time by Nebraska before deciding to walk on. Broekemeier was holding some offers and a team entered the picture late for him. In the end he wanted the spot being held by Nebraska.

"I didn't know until the Sunday or Monday before signing day that was what I wanted to do, to be honest. I had offers from North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska-Kearney, Wayne State and I had it narrowed down to Kearney or Nebraska.

"The week before signing day though I visited Iowa Western Community College in Council Bluffs and thought about going there. I really just decided in those last days that I had better take advantage of the spot in Lincoln."

Going to Nebraska has always been a dream for Tyson, but when money enters the picture there are other things to consider. Tyson knows what his brother enjoyed as a player at Nebraska, but also knows about the student loans waiting after he graduates.

"Yeah, that was really the biggest thing for me. I had those opportunities and you had to really consider being a Husker or going to school for free.

"My brother Joe was on the team at Nebraska as a walk-on and now he has a bunch of school loans to pay off. Reality kind of hit me here. I hope I can handle it down the road."

Broekemeier thought about the loans, but in the end what won him over was the opportunity. Broekemeier knew that over time he might have regretted not trying and he didn't want that to happen.

"Going to another school like Kearney would have been great. They run a sweet offense and it's a good school. In the back of my mind though I would have always wondered ‘what if?'."

There is also the angle of following big brother. Tyson says that he saw how much his brother enjoyed being part of the football team in Lincoln.

"I think that its cool knowing Joe went through it and I get to experience the same thing. He acted like he always loved it, being there and being part of the team. Being a Husker and having an opportunity to possibly play is rewarding enough itself."

Broekemeier doesn't bring big size to the quarterback position. He also doesn't bring great speed. However, he's efficient. He knows the game and makes sound decisions. A little of all of that and a good surrounding cast can go a long way on the field.

"Obviously I am only 6-foot-1 and 175-pounds so I am not the biggest or the strongest guy in the world, but I think that my strengths are my decision making ability and being well prepared for the game.

"I would think of myself as a guy that can pass and run if I have to. I am not Taylor Martinez who is lights out running. I ran for 11 touchdowns as a junior and 12 as a senior and ran the option out of our spread. I have 4.6-speed so not really fast or slow, but I would consider myself dual-threat."

Broekemeier played basketball and will also run track. When track wraps up he will prepare himself for one last high school game and then he will get ready to head down to Lincoln.

"I play basketball and will do track. I will run the 100m, 200m, 4x100m and 4.x400m. My best 100m is an 11.1 last year. When I am done with track I will get ready for the Shrine Bowl and then go to Lincoln to report."

Broekemeier completed over 70% of all of his passes his senior year as well as throwing for 2,047 yards and 31 touchdowns. He added 630 yards and 12 more touchdowns rushing.

"I was the Gatorade player of the year in Nebraska. I was the honorary captain for the super state team in the Journal-Star. I was all-state for the World-Herald and also was all-district and all-conference."

What Broekemeier will study in college is still up in the air, but he knows where he is going to start out not because of what he eventually wants to do but what he doesn't want to do.

"I am going to take a lot of business classes to start out because I am thinking about business administration or something like that. I have really only eliminated things I don't want to do as opposed to knowing what I want to do. My GPA is a 3.93."

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