Speed Kills

With a need for playmakers at the wide receiver position, Nebraska recently offered what could be the fastest player in the state of Florida. Marvin Bracy, the defending state champion in the 100 meter, has the blazing speed few players in the country could match. He talks about his latest offer from the Big Red, and a host of other topics in this update with Big Red Report.

There's speed, then there is Marvin Bracy (5-10,170) type speed. And while he may be a top prospect on the gridiron, his other passion is running track.

"I've always loved running track. I run the 100, 200, long jump and the 4x1. I won state last year in the 100 and 200 meter, my best 100 is 10.19, and I was ranked # 1in the nation with that time. I also have the #1 indoor 55 yard dash time too, it's 6.24. I've also run the 40 a lot. I usually hit around 4.32. Most of the time on the 40's I was timed outside."

"But I love football just as much."

The product of Boone high school in Orlando (FL) said he'd like to do both in college as well.

"I'm hoping, yeah. People ask me sometimes, are you a track guy or a football guy? I always say both. I love to run in the track meets just as much as the football games on Friday night. I'm really looking for a program that will let me do both. All the colleges recruiting me for football have said they don't mind."

Marvin also takes both sports very seriously, almost training year round.

"I don't really have a lot of spare time to hang out like other kids my age. I train for track and football fulltime. I really never take a break. I've always believed to be the best, you have to train harder than the next guy. I think that's why I've gotten to this point. All the hard work I've put in has paid off. If I take just one day off a week I fell like I‘m slacking."

Do you play WR now in high school? What position are colleges recruiting you for?

"I'm a wildcat quarterback right now mostly. But I play wide receiver and running back a lot too. I also return all the kicks and punts. Our offense is old-school, so we run from the I formation a lot. We don't do a lot of passing, mostly running.

"All the schools have said they like me on offense, that's where I'll play in college."

What about your stats from last year, do you remember what those were?

"I don't remember my exact numbers, but I had over 1,400 all-purpose yards and I scored 10 touchdowns. That was in 10 games."

And schools across the nation have taken notice, as his offer list looks like a who's who of top programs from around the country.

"I just got the one from Nebraska, and then you have schools like Alabama, LSU, Texas, Texas A&M, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Georgia and all the Florida schools (UF, FSU, Miami). I have a few more too."

When did the offer from Nebraska come? Had they been showing interest very long?

"They just got into the mix about a week ago. I was getting some mail and I know they were talking to my football coach at my school about me. Then me and coach Els starting writing each other back and forth on the computer. He just said he thought I was a real good player and the type they need at Nebraska. He said they want me to play wide receiver and return kicks for them. That's when he told me they (Nebraska) were offering."

Marvin said at this time he had limited knowledge about the Husker program.

"Not much sir. But I do remember back in the day, like a long time ago, they used to be like super good. They would just like kill everybody; you could say they were unstoppable back then. That's all I know right now, I just need to learn more about them."

Have you taken any visits yet, been to any campuses?

"I went to games at Miami and Florida State last year but that's it. I want to wait before I make a decision, so I can take some official visits later this year. That way I can get a better feel for some of these schools far away. First I have to narrow it down, maybe this summer and decide on where I want to visit. Nebraska would be a spot I'd like to visit for sure."

And when it comes to his recruitment, Marvin says his decision will come down to a few basic things. With distance not being one of them.

"I want a school that has at least a decent track program to go with a good football program. What the school has to offer academically matters a lot too. It isn't all about sports. I want to know what a degree from this school actually means. Can it help me get somewhere in life after football? Even if I don't reach my dream of the NFL, what do I have to fall back on?

"I don't care how far away from home the school is. I just want to be comfortable and get my degree."

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