The First Day of Spring

The Huskers hit the field inside Hawks Championship Indoor Center for the first day of Spring practices. Check out the notes from today concerning injuries, position moves and much, much more.

At the Spring presser Head Coach Bo Pelini said that a number of players would miss the Spring due to injury, including Jr. DE - Cameron Meredith, So. OT - Jeremiah Sirles and Jr. DE - Kenny Anderson.

You can add a few more to that list:

Sophomore Jesse Coffey is out for the entire spring as is junior tight end, May Martin.

Pelini also said that Mychael McClure, a junior tight end, would probably not be back to football as he indicated that McClure has suffered a number of concussions since he walked onto the football team. " With all the concussions and such, he's had multiple concussions, so I don't think you will be seeing Mike out here anymore," Pelini said. One addition has been made to that position in the form of a tight end/h-back. Junior Lester Ward, who had served a reserve role at running back the last three years, is now moving to that position.

While this certainly does not indicate who will be working at what position, some of the interesting tidbits on the offensive line are that true freshman Tyler Moore is working at left tackle. With Sirles out, that leaves a depth issue at that position, now the main guy being senior Jermarcus Hardrick.

At right tackle is redshirt freshman Jake Cotton, who moved over from the defensive side. With the graduation of D. J. Jones, the primary starter at that position last year, there is a depth issue at this position as well. Senior Marcel Jones is the obvious favorite to be the starter at that position come the Fall.

At left guard is Andrew Rodriguez, who is going into his sophomore year after getting a few snaps last year. Also there is Brandon Thompson, who will be a junior this season. At right guard Brent Qvale is obviously the man figured to be the starter there. At center you will find Mike Caputo, coming off a full year as the starter for the Huskers, as well as Cole Pensick, who is going into his sophomore season.

As for the team itself, it's a first day and with some new coaches, but Pelini said all in all it was a good start. " There were a couple drills to start, it was a little bit of a Chinese fire drill, but overall I thought it was a really good day. The effort was great. I thought we hit the ground running," he said. "

On the odd schedule which will see Nebraska go for three days this week and then they won't see the field for more than a week until they head back to the field the Monday after Spring break, Pelini said that it's actually worked out quite well. " I want attention to detail, lay that foundation, get the basics in. It's going to be a pretty aggressive install for the first three days," he said. "I kind of like that, where we are right now. It will give ourselves as a staff a chance to evaluate it, see where we are and we'll come back that following Monday and review it."

Thus far, only one day down, Pelini said he's happy with where this staff is in everything getting a feel for each other and how that will work its way down to the team. " We have spent a lot of time together. I think the new coaches are very comfortable. I really like everythign we have been able to get done from a staff standpoint. I really like where we are. Now it's just a matter of translating it to the players," he said.

The Huskers went no pads but with helmets today. They will probably go into shoulder pads for the following practice, and inch their way toward full pads, which will probably happen when they return after Spring break.

Click the following link for the full post practice audio with the head coach

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