Florida LB has a Husker connection

With the move to the Big Ten this year, the Huskers find themselves a bit short on linebackers. All those weekends of "Nickel" and "Dime" packages have led to getting a sparse number of scholarship linebackers the last couple of years. Well, Nebraska is going after them this year, including Eric Kinsey out of Florida. And he just happens to know the current top linebacker on the team.

Eric Kinsey played at Miami Northwestern for a time. An absolute juggernaut of a prep team the last few years. Current Husker linebacker and the new owner of the single-season record for the most tackles, Lavonte David, played for the prep powerhouse during his high school days.

Kinsey remembers him, and said that he could see what David had, though, the rest of the country was looking at someone else on the perennial prep power. "I think he got overshadowed some by Sean Spence, because he had offer from everyone. But you could see the guy could play," said Kinsey, who now plays for Chaminade College Prep in Hollywood, Florida.

Now, Kinsey hasn't talked to David for years, but when the Nebraska offer came in, he instantly made the connection. And it didn't hurt that Nebraska's reputation preceded them. "They are all about defense. They have one of the best defenses in the country every year," he said. "But when I got that offer, I was  pretty surprised."

Nebraska was his fourth offer, adding themselves to a list which consists of Louisville, South Florida and Vanderbilt. He obviously doesn't have one from any of the big three in Florida, but out of that trio of teams Kinsey said only one might really intrigue him. "I grew up a Cane fan, but they are regressing while Florida State is progressing. And I never really followed Florida," he said. "FSU is the one team that out of all those I would be interested in, because I have been to the campus, and I really like the coaches there."

LSU is another offer that he doesn't have which sits as one of the ideal ones he'd like to get down the recruiting road. But despite those apparent desires, he said that no school is out of the mix. "Honestly, I'm looking for a place that fits me, what I do and will just be a place I can see myself at for the next four to five years. Sure, there are programs I like, but that's because I know a lot about them," he said. "As I do my research on these schools, you never know what you are going to find, who you are going to meet and all that.

"On top of that, I am taking my time in all of this. I'm not rushing a thing."

At 6-3 and 220 lbs., many could see Kinsey play linebacker or defensive end. He's a stud coming off the edge from the up position, notching 14 tackles last year as well  as adding five more tackles behind the line of scrimmage. At Miami Northwestern he played in a 4-3 defense, but now he plays outside backer in a 3-4. He said either one is fine with him, because his skill isn't about the system, it's about the ball. "I like to think I am a playmaker. I think I am always around the ball. That's what I would say my strength is," he said.

Sound familiar?

Lavonte David has a penchant for that himself, ranking as the Big 12's best tackler last year in regard to per game average as well as having more tackles than anyone else in the league. HIs nose for the ball, in just one year, has become almost legendary in Lincoln.

That familiarity helps Nebraska a bit, but up to this point Kinsey said that David and Nebraska's defense is about all he knows about the Big Red. "I haven't talked to anyone from there. My coach just told me that I had an offer, but that's about it," he said. "Weather doesn't mean anything to me. I mean, thin skin won't work in football. And I don't care about distance. But I have to look at them more and see some stuff for myself."

Kinsey said that he has no plans to make any unofficial visits as of right now, and he hasn't made any plans to attend Spring practices, games or the like. But again, he said that due to the fact that this process is still in its infancy, he's not worry about that right now. "I'm just taking my time. I don't have any favorites, and I don't see having any for awhile. I just want to make sure I do my research and figure out where the best place is for me.

"That's going to take a while. But I have time."


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