Neal holding 16 offers

The process to trim the list for Durron Neal isn't going to get any easier. We're about half-way through March is all and he's up to 16 offers. You'd be silly to think that he wasn't going to get any other offers. That being said he's been to see four schools and has three other schools semi set up for unofficial visits this summer. Who are those schools and what's he looking for in a college?

Durron Neal will be spending his time this spring on the track. Neal, from St. Louis (Mo.) DeSmet will have his first track meet this weekend. He's unsure which events he is running though.

"I am running track," Neal said. "Our first track meet is this Saturday. I don't know which events I am going to run right now. I have run the 100m, 200m, 4x100m and 4x400m in the past.

"I think that my best 100m time is like a 10.9. I am not a fast straight line runner, I am fast, but I am better out of cuts. I run the anchor leg in the relays."

Neal says that he's given his upcoming senior season a lot of thought. He is looking forward to being a senior captain and being a little more vocal than last year. He also wants to lead by example.

"Last year as a captain I wasn't the head captain. This year as the head captain I want to be more vocal. It's my turn. While I want to talk more I also want to lead by example. I don't just want to talk about it; I want to be about it."

There were some things at the end of last year that Neal knew on the field he had to get better at. He has been practicing on his routes and ball recognition. "I wanted to get better on my route running and specifically coming out of my cuts on my routes. I also wanted to work on my focus on the ball."

Neal is holding an impressive list of offers including schools like Alabama, Auburn, USC, Missouri, Iowa and Notre Dame. With all of those offers Neal hasn't started to focus too much on any one school and says that he won't until this fall.

"I am up to 16 offers right now. I have thought about the teams and who is standing out, but I am not really sure right now. I am not going to even think about it that way until after the season.

"I don't want my recruiting process to get in the way of our season. We have a goal to accomplish. I don't want anyone thinking that I am in this for me and forget about the team.

"I will take like two visits during my season and then take the remainder of the visits after the season is over. Through that time I will come up with my top five."

Neal has been to see four schools already and has at least three others that he would like to see this summer. On one of the visits this summer he believes that he will get an offer from that school.

"I have been to see Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas and Indiana. I would like to see Alabama, Auburn and try to get up to Michigan State. Michigan State hasn't offered, but said they would if I visited."

When Neal starts to trim that list to when he picks a school he is looking at some key things to help make his decision. It all starts with tradition though for him and going somewhere they are winning ball games.

"I am looking for a school with tradition. I am looking for a winning program, great atmosphere, great fans and great academics. I want to go to a place where I am comfortable and a place that I will feel safe."

The Huskers are one of the 16 schools to have tendered an offer to Neal. He says from the effort that Nebraska has shown and what he knows about Nebraska that he would like to see Nebraska at some point to see what they have to offer.

"From what Nebraska has shown me, they are an up and coming program, and they are moving to the Big 10 and they have that fan base I would be interested in seeing Nebraska."

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