Huskers back at it for big time tight end

Christo Kourtzidis from Lutheran high school in southern California says five schools have made offers to date, with Nebraska being the latest to throw their hat in the ring. In this update with Big Red Report, the two way standout talks about his recruitment and how he hopes it ultimately plays out.

At 6-foot-4 and 240 pounds, Christo Kourtzidis a junior from California certainly has the size coaches look for at the tight end position on the next level. But Christo says he has a few other qualities that have also caught the attention of college recruiters.

"I play tight end and defensive end right now, but all the schools looking at me have talked about me playing offense (tight end). I'm big, but I'm still pretty agile, so I play on all the special teams stuff too.

"I had like 29 catches and roughly 300 yards last year at tight end. But I also consider myself a solid blocker. I think you need to be well rounded playing at tight end."

Even at this early stage of his recruitment, several schools from different parts of the country have already made verbal offers.

"Florida State, Colorado, Washington and Washington State offered me. Most of those have come in like the last week or so. The one from Nebraska was earlier this week. I think it was Tuesday."

Although Nebraska was his most recent offer, the contact from the Huskers had been steady for some time.

"I've been getting stuff from Nebraska in the mail for a long time. But earlier this week was the first time I spoke to one of their coaches on the phone. I gave coach Garrison, the tight end coach, a call and he offered me a scholarship right then.

"We just talked about what a school like Nebraska has to offer, and just got to know each other a little bit. We just talked mostly the basics; he seemed like a really cool guy. He seemed kind of young, like a high energy kind of guy. Somebody I could get along with.

"The main thing he wanted to get across was for me not to overlook Nebraska. He said he knows I'll be getting a lot of offers and attention, but just keep Nebraska in my mind. He said if I really look into the program, I'll like what I see."

Of your offers, are there any early favorites?

"I can't say there is, I'm looking at everybody the same."

Born and raised in California, Christo said leaving home for college is something he is giving serious thought.

"Honestly, distance from home isn't even really a concern for me. Who is to say a school somewhere else can't offer me more than a school down the street. Basing my decision on distance from home just doesn't seem very wise."

Do you plan to make any visit this spring or summer?

"I'm going to the FSU for the spring game on the 16th. Then when school gets out my dad already said he wants to take like a five or six day road trip and see Colorado and Nebraska. We are going to try to also get up to Washington to visit those two schools."

Christo said he'll be looking for the usual things when picking a school like the academics, facilities and coaching staff. But one more thing also made the list.

"Tradition is really important to me. I don't want to go to a school where the fans don't really care or support the football program. I guess you could say I want to play somewhere the fans have a passion for the program."

And don't look for a commitment from the talented tight end until later in the process.

"There are advantages to both committing early and waiting. On one hand you do want to kind of get it out of the way early and not have to worry about it, but on the other hand I know I need to take my time and make sure I'm getting myself in the right situation.

"That's why I want to take some visits, so I can see the players interacting with the coaches on an every day basis. I want to watch some practices and see how I'd be used, get a feel for the city, stuff like that."

Christo plans to study Exercise Physiology in college. Look for more updates on the California standout later this year from Big Red Report.

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