Huskers first to offer

There is little question that Nebraska is trying to find some players at the wide receiver position. When you look at the number of offers that are out on the table a good chunk are on the offensive side of the ball and particularly at wide receiver. One player picked up his Nebraska offer last week, which happened to be his first, what are his thoughts on Nebraska?

Spring break was this past week for most high school students and Ghierry Vanderkuyp says that he was getting some work in. Vanderkuyp, a 6-foot-2 and 175-pound receiver from Hialeah (Flor.), has been trying to work on some key things.

"I am on spring break," Vanderkuyp said. "I wanted to get bigger, faster and stronger from last season to this season. I also wanted to get better at playing wide receiver and safety and really focus on those two positions.

"Those are the two positions that I really hope I play the most this year. Last year I played receiver, safety, quarterback, defensive end and linebacker. Pretty much everywhere except offensive line."

When you see Vanderkuyp on film you will see him lining up at a variety of positions however there are two that he is being recruited to play in college. Vanderkuyp has some reasons as to why those two positions are his strongest.

"Teams are telling me that they like me the most as a receiver and safety. As a wide receiver I think that I just understand the game because I have played quarterback and I can recognize the open spots, run good routes and didn't drop a pass last year.

"At safety, which is pretty much the quarterback of the defense, I think my ball skills are very good. I always find ways to be around the ball. I don't let anything get behind me and I also have good recognition because of my experience on offense as a receiver and quarterback."

While spring break is a week to get away for Vanderkuyp it was one when he received his first offer and then received some other offers right after. Things have really picked up for Vanderkuyp.

"I am up to four offers. I have offers from Florida International, Florida Atlantic, Maryland and Nebraska. The first team to offer was Nebraska. They offered me last week. I have picked up the other three right after that."

Like many players from Florida Vanderkuyp doesn't know a lot about Nebraska. He wants to take some time to research them fully, but said that he did like the program and would like to visit Lincoln.

"I don't know too much about the squad so I am going to do some more research on them, but I like their football program and I would like to go there on a visit. Distance isn't a big thing. I am just looking for a good school and program overall."

When Vanderkuyp makes his college decision it will start with the academic side of the school. After that he will be looking at some key things when it comes to the football program.

"I am looking first at academics. When I look at the football program I will be looking at facilities and looking at the team to see if they are a family. I want to see if they have good chemistry on and off the field."

Vanderkuyp hasn't had a chance to make any spring visits or junior days, but he is planning on being very busy this summer going on trips. He is planning on attending as many camps and combines as he can and will make some unofficial visits as well.

"Mostly all of my visits I have set up for the summer. I didn't get out to any junior days, but I am planning on getting out to as many camps and combines as possible.

"I am going to visit all of the Florida schools first. Not just the schools that have offered, but all of them. I am also going to get up to Nebraska this summer."

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