Huskers making early impression

Louisiana is a state where the Nebraska staff has some influence. Say the name "Bo Pelini" and most high school football players will know that he was the defensive coordinator at LSU when they won the national title. Most know he's the head coach at Nebraska too. Dwayne Thomas is one of those Louisiana players considering Nebraska early in the process.

Dwayne Thomas from New Orleans (La.) O. Perry Walker is looking forward to some time off. He's balancing two sports right now and working out for football. Spring break though is right around the corner.

"We have spring break in a couple of weeks," Thomas said. "I have been running track, playing baseball and working out right now. It's pretty tough right now. I have a lot of things going on."

For Thomas the improvements that he wanted to make on the field started off the field and away from the game. After that he wanted to work on breaking on the ball, getting faster and stronger.

"As a player I wanted to work on my overall character off the field and have that translate into a leader. I was also working on breaks. I wanted to get faster and a lot stronger."

When you look for Thomas on film you will have to look around for him a little bit. He can be found anywhere between safety to cornerback to almost as a linebacker. Most schools like him as a cornerback though.

"Most schools are either looking at me as a cornerback or as a safety. With my speed I can cover the pass and I can also come up and support the run. I love to hit.

"I am very aggressive for my size. I talk and I play. Most of the college coaches I have spoken with have said that they like my aggressive style. No matter who lines up across from me I am going to win that battle."

It's a baker's dozen of offers for Thomas already with more that could be seemingly on their way at any moment. Thomas is hauling in offers from all around the nation.

"I am up to 13 offers. Miami and Alabama are close to offering. The offers that I can remember are from Nebraska, LSU, Arizona, Pittsburgh, Minnesota, Utah, Southern Miss, Tulane, SMU, Louisiana-Monroe, Louisiana Tech and I am close to offers from Kansas State and Auburn too."

Thomas has always considered early playing time a big part of his coming college decision. Still, he remembers a time when he wasn't on top of the depth chart and what he had to do to get on top.

"Picking out a school for me, when I have spoken to my coach, I have told him that I want to see the depth chart. Even if the depth chart doesn't look good I will outwork the people in front of me.

"Coming in here my freshman season I had players in front of me that I had to beat out. I studied real hard, worked real hard and worked on my craft a lot and started as a freshman.

"I am also interested in who has the best academic program for me and how I fit in at a school. I am trying to get my degree and I am going to work hard on that too."

There are those players that would like to stay closer and will use that as part of their college decision. Thomas though sees the decision as an opportunity for him and his family to get out of Louisiana and see other parts of the country.

"To me, I love the weather down here, but I want to see something different. I also love cold weather. It's hot here. I love cold weather. I want to see some different things, take my family to a different location and let them see things they have never seen before."

One school that has really popped out with Thomas is Nebraska. One of the key reasons is the eagerness of a new assistant coach that is making a name for himself on the recruiting trail early in his career at Nebraska.

"With Nebraska, Coach Corey Raymond has spoken to me about Nebraska and how great it is. I want to see Nebraska for myself, I love to travel. Nebraska is fine. To me, it's really close if you want to see it.

"Nebraska offered me really after Corey Raymond got to Nebraska and he really pushed for it. I had been receiving a lot of information and mail from Nebraska for a long time now."

Coach Corey Raymond gets a lot of credit for where Nebraska is on Thomas' list, but Thomas knows another Nebraska coach. When Bo Pelini was at Nebraska Thomas saw an aggressive style of defense that he is fired up to possibly play in.

"I am a football fanatic and playing for Coach Bo Pelini would be amazing. I remember him when he was at LSU and his defenses are awesome. I know that he has a lot of schemes and use a lot of guys in the secondary. Nebraska is high on my list. They are in the top five."

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