Nebraska offer for Florida TE

Things were supposed to be different this spring for Orlando David. A knee injury will keep David from going to a lot of camps and combines. The good news is that he's bending the knee now and rehabilitation is going well. Still though offers pour in for the talented tight end despite the serious knee injury and they motivate David to get back where he was.

Orlando David is trying to put an injury behind him. The 6-foot-3 and 205-pound David is getting close to getting back on the field after an ACL tear. He believes that the mental side of the injury will be easy to overcome once he's back on the field.

"I have been rehabbing," David said. "I injured my knee and tore my ACL. I am bending it now. I am going to get this rehab behind me go out there and play and not even think about it.

"I think that the mental side will be easy to get over. I am ready to get back out on the field. Once I get used to it, get that first catch, and run up the field I will play like I never had an injury."

The injury for David will prohibit him from making it to any camps or combines this spring. However, he has been considering some spring games and has been invited to see one already.

"I won't be able to do any camps or combines because of my knee. I also haven't been to any junior days or spring practices this year. I don't have a lot of plans. Miami wants me to come to their spring game."

Despite the injury David is holding offers from six schools and he feels that more will come eventually. More and more schools are finding out about his recovery from the injury and that will influence them to offer.

"I have offers from Rutgers, South Florida, Central Florida, Illinois, Nebraska, and Memphis and there should be more coming. My injury is really holding that back, but since they are seeing my progress more will offer."

David is being looked at to play the pass catching, flexed out tight end that will create mismatches against slower tight ends or smaller defensive backs. David thinks that he might get moved though to receiver once he makes it to college.

"All of the schools are recruiting me to play tight end, but I think that I will play wide receiver. I have the mind set that you look for in a receiver. I can catch the ball, make a move, but I am not the fastest.

"I am more of a flex tight end now in high school. Mostly everyone says they like me as that pass catching tight end. I just think once I get there they will move me to receiver."

The decision for David will involve him looking at the academic side of the school first and around which majors they offer. Beyond that he is looking to play early and distance from home won't affect his decision.

"I am looking at education first. That's the first. I want to do something in Business. I am also looking for early playing time and the coaching staff. Distance isn't a big thing for me."

The Huskers offered David despite him suffering a knee injury. In fact, the offer from Nebraska came right after his surgery and that has motivated him. He says that he doesn't know a lot about Nebraska and would like to get to know more about them.

"Nebraska offered me maybe three days after my surgery. I was happy and surprised. I thought that if they would offer me after I got hurt that this team must really want me. It motivates me to rehab and get back on the field.

"I really don't know a lot about Nebraska and I want to learn some more about them. I know that they like to use their tight end, run multiple tight end sets and run the ball a lot."

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